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Jun 15, 2000
This is the spoiler policy which will be vigorously policed. If you are unsure or think the rules need modifying contact us before you post to avoid unhappiness when we infract you.

TV threads
- spoiler tags do not need to be used if the episode has been shows on television anywhere in the world AND the thread title relates to the TV show in question.
- If you haven't watched the latest episode keep out of the thread. There are lots of places to check the broadcast dates of programs are e.g. TV.com and Wikipedia.
- Comment must relate to the show in the thread title. Post the ending of Breaking Bad in a Game of Thrones thread and you get a 5 point warning.
- Any and all comment related to future developments must be placed in spoiler tags.
Trailers for future series can only be posted if in spoiler tags AND that the spoiler tag is labelled so people know what to expect inside the spoiler tags.
- Only speculation that is both your own guess work AND only based on episodes that have already aired can be posted.
- Casting news for future episodes or series is also specifically prohibited.
- any and all information from the original source material e.g. book or graphic novel must be in a separate thread. This sort of material must never be posted in a thread about the TV version, even if spoilered, and failure to comply will result in an infraction.
- future developments are defined as anything that hasn't been shown in an episode on TV somewhere in the world.
- "Next week on ..." clips and trailers aren't considered to be part of an episode and should never be posted even in spoiler tags.
- we will spot it if you try to pass off book/trailer/casting information off as speculation you came up with on your own. So don't do it. Repeating this sort of speculation that you heard elsewhere doesn't get you off. Don't be selfish and keep it to yourself.

Books and films
- spoiler tags are not required if the thread is about a specific book or film. If you haven't watched or read the item in question don't go into the thread.
- spoiler tags must be used if any discussion of possible future plot occurs e.g. possible developments in sequels and this includes trailers.
- spoiler tags must be used to even mention aspects of plot in all other threads e.g. movie review and book thread. Even long reviews can give away too much information so be courteous and use spoiler tags if in doubt.
- ALL spoilers must have a brief explanation of their source and content. No exceptions.
- When a film or book being discussed has not been released yet it will inevitably contain speculation and discussion about future plot developments. Pre-release threads should therefore be labeled as such e.g. PRE-RELEASE THREAD CONTAINING SPOILERS. When the film is released a new thread must be started and normal rules apply.
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