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Jun 5, 2016

Meh would be better if it were just all about Steve, Dustin and Robin this year.

Eleven Mike and Will just get more and more boring while Nancy and Johnathan should not be in the show at all any more

Mark Pawelek

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Apr 9, 2014
Kent, near London
Well. I i had tears rolling down my cheeks listening to Hopper’s letter he wrote to El, its so well written. Proper tugs on the heart strings conjouring emotions i feel for my 6 year old daughter and her growing up so fast and me trying to savour every moment of it. Very well done.

On the series.. i loved it. I watched it all in the space of 3/4 weeks, trying not to binge on it too badly. Season one was great, season two not so much, and season three was ultimate cheese but superb; from the new characters to russian plot line.

Things I didn’t like -
The Terminator dude
The CGI slime ball baddy (would have preffered for him to be some black smoke version)
Somethings just a little off with Nancy and Jonathon. I think they needed to be more tense together.
That song they sung when Suzie came on the radio ffs. “Listen love, ill sing it afterwards!”

Things i loved -
The constant barrage of 80s music and the Nostalgia.
The intro was almost hypnotic and i never fast forwarded or skipped it.
The children’s acting, in particular El who i thought was awesome. For a kid like her to act that strongly at her age really was impressive i thought.

Final thought - i wish they ended the series there on that final episode. It finalised everything very well. I really want Mike and El to be together though so im also delighted there will be a season 4 and Hopper to make a comeback FTW!

Sorry but :lol:. That poor 17 year old. Just imagining a woman watching that and being completely horrified and shocked by a few swear words from kids :lol: get a life!
Things I didn't like: the plots, the cliches, cliche piled on cliche.


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May 13, 2013
I can't remember anything thats happened in S2 or S3 already

its just a blur of kids running around the woods and shit