Taking off Bruno, Pogba and Matic


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Feb 26, 2019
I think right now everyone is aware that there's a drop in quality between Bruno Pogba Matic and our other midfielders. Now what I'm curious to know is this. Is there any squad midfielder in the team that can actually replace any of Matic Bruno and Pogba without it being costly?

With our starting midfield obviously being Bruno Pogba and Matic, can one of Mctominay or Fred come in and replace Matic without it upsetting the defensive balance and build up play from the back? Can one of Mctominay or Fred replace Pogba without us losing much creative and attacking support as well as not upsetting the build up play from the back? Can one of Pereira Mata or Lingard replace Bruno without us missing much of the talisman? Or are we fecked if one of Bruno Pogba and Matic gets injured (godforbid)


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Aug 30, 2013
The reason the drop off in quality is more evident is because they're being subbed off within 5-10 minutes of each other and the whole midfield is completely changing.

It would be noticed less if just one was rotated for a game with Fred or McT coming in.

This turn of form started before Pogba was available and started with just adding Bruno so its clear that the midfield can cope without one of Pogba or Matic.