The Former United Youth/Reserves Thread


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Nov 13, 2002
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@lysglimt @kundalini great work guys, funnily enough I was looking at what most of those guys are up to nowadays recently.

Being from Preston I follow their results and have been to a few games in the past when United arent at home. Pearson is by far their best player, if they don't make the PL this season someone will come in for him, although his disciplinary record isn't great.

Josh Harrop also plays for them he has 3 goals from 15 appearances, 6 were starts.
I always tend to watch Preston if they are on for Pearson.

He's a good player, walking booking though :) as you say...and he doesn't pull out after a booking either...he's 110% aggression at all times :lol:

I've alot or time for him, really dug in and making a career for himself. Nice to see Harrop doing ok...did enjoy watching him as well.

Heard Sean Goss and Joe Rothwell names in the last few weeks in passing too.

Mats Daehli was one I really thought stood out at U18 level, and reading a few Cardiff based articles some thought he was a little unlucky there...

Pity James Wilson hasn't found any great form since leaving. Always enjoyed watching him play n all.

Ashley Fletcher always seems to be decent when I watch Boro highlights on sky
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