The solely "buying from the Premier League" transfer thread


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Oct 25, 2020
I disagree - the best teams have good options all over the park. We could use TAA against weak opposition or when chasing games and AWB for closing out games or against strong opposition.

Maddison would jump at the chance to come to Utd regardless of a little less gametime.
Well, Liverpool doesn't have an alternative option for right back other than Tsimikas, so why would TAA want to come to Manchester United in order to be essentially a squad player? He's considered one of the best right backs in the world, and as THE best offensive right back by many. If you have him, you play him.

I also doubt Maddison would jump at the chance to come to United to play in the League Cup and otherwise get a handful of starts over the season.


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Jun 23, 2014
Lets face it there are a lot of very good especially young and also English players in the premier league. The simple fact is value for money though.
Fofana, Grealish, Neto, Calvert-Lewin are possibly the most suitable in terms of what we need and there ages....but £250-300m to sign the four of them probably and even others such as Godfrey, Bissouma, Saint-Maxim I expect would be £100-150m.

None of these players are getting relegated, even Godfrey/Fofana have cost over £25m as virtual unknowns with no experience for there clubs.

I do think there is certainly plenty of talent within the premiership that can improve us....but if we are to make four signings which may be unlikely way its highly unlikely we can make them within our own league.

Look at the likes of Romagnoli and the value in comparison or even Camavinga possibly the best teenager in Europe and he would still cost a similar fee if not less than most of those names