Transfer Forum 2018 Rules - Please read!

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Aug 10, 2007
Silly season has started and people are already getting warnings and bannings from the twitter thread because they can't follow the rules, so here's a list of simple guidelines in order to make the transfer forum a happy muppet place for everyone. If you follow them you'll be fine, if you don't, you'll rack up warning points and join the likes of Barney and TheShedEnd in Caf Oblivion.
  • Do not bump old threads (i.e. ones created during previous windows, this includes January 2017)
  • Likewise, ensure a relevant Summer 2017 thread doesn't already exist for a player before creating a new one
  • Do not create threads for players unless you can provide a source. If there's no source then you're simply discussing a footballer, so go to the Football Forum instead
  • Try to stick to the naming convention set out, i.e. "<Player's full name> | Current Status"
  • When posting in the twitter thread, read the Op first, rules are strict and you'll get thread-banned if you don't adhere to them (like many already have)
  • If you're creating a thread not specifically for a player (i.e. a question), think whether it would be better off in the football forums instead, it's going to be a busy summer in here and we don't want to clog it up
  • Do not bump up transfer threads if that player has performed well or bad. Do that in the football forum, this is strictly related to speculation.
  • Don't spam threads, it's all a bit of fun but we don't want to end up with 10k+ threads consisting purely of gibberish (e.g. Pexbo with Vidal)
  • No more than 2 tweets per post.
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