United Tactics Analysis Post Covid 19 Break - By Football Made Simple


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Oct 1, 2010
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Not sure if this has been shared before but I felt it is a very good analysis of the team post Covid 19 break.

What do you guys think? Do you see anything else to add? Or do you see any areas that might be weaknesses that can be exploited?

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Feb 20, 2017
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4 Wrongs:
1. Fernandes is not consistent in retreating back to CM to slot alongside Pogba each time Matic slot into the CB positions. In fact, whoever is our CAM also behave like this. They only move to CM or CDM in transition when they feel like doing it.

2. MG and MR only start playing the inside forwards roles in the most recent 2-3 games, not since the restart. They and James clearly are more outside stretching the wings then.

3. Our CF role (Martial and Ighalo) also retreated back at times, not stuck up front just like in the video. Similarly, will also move deep when they feel like it or not.

4. Our FB's performances does not improved only due to our forwards moving infield. But also.. Shaw's due to Rashford playing a more passing games feeding his runs, and AWB's due to Greenwood's presence and his general movements on and off the ball creating more spaces for him to play.

The only 2 consistent things are..
1. CDM to CB during build-up - we've been doing this since the season start last year. Fred and McT at times do the Matic role when Matic is out. When two of Fred, McT and Matic play though, one of them will kept on switching who go to CB per match.

2. Pogba is always at the centre, never move to CB.

It still is a random mess, depending too much on individuals "alertness" and "awareness". It's too much freedom.
Clearly no strict control by the coaches ~ not good enough coaching.
= The patterns of play are not consistent enough except the two just like how the video assumed.

Therefore, not enough triangles or "diamond" for better keeping of possession to beat organised high presses.

Otherwise, the vid is still a fair spot-on analysis.