United's rebuild has not even started and won't start any time soon and here's why

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  1. Oct 16, 2019

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    Not having the right manager in charge is debatable

    I can’t be bothered to keep arguing the point with people though. Just look at the timeline of City and Liverpool’s transformations. Michael Edwards was appointed as Sporting Director shortly before Klopp was hired. City told us all their plan and executed it brilliantly by getting Tkiki to lay the foundations for Guardiola’s arrival.

    As I’ve said before, it’s a team effort. Put Hamilton in a Lotus, he doesn’t win a single Grand Prix. Put me in a Mercedes and they don’t win a single Grand Prix.
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    He was promoted as Sporting director after Klopp took charge, he was at Liverpool long before that but in different role.
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    yes, it's madness.

    with Sanchez, surely the first thing you make certain of is he will play most games on the right, otherwise, it's a poor decision and an unnecessary signing.

    for me, on paper it looks like we've spent a lot but I'm convinced the money men are influencing the dithering and bargain bin signings.
    my guess is managers are being told to try to sign a player for under 30 million say, e.g. bailly, lindelof, dalot, Herrera etc. whereas we would have been better off spending 50-70m on one proper player instead of getting two average ones in the hope they become much better.

    in the transfer market of the last 5 years, most top quality players cost at least 50 million, especially for us.