Weak midfield

Imagine telling someone to calm down when you're reading it in an aggressive way lamo. Scared much.

Anyway, that's a good set up for a team who wants another solid 8th-place finish. If you're happy with that, more strength to you.

'Scared much'...:lol:

Yes, very very scared.

Mainoo - Ugarte - Bruno would be much better than anything last season even if continue with our suicidal midfield set- up from last season.

The hope is that Mount would stay fit & give a better account of himself than he did last season.

The rest two are back-ups/options. We also finished 3rd just a season before with a Case - Eriksen midfield, if you remember, as I am sure you do from your edietic memory. They can still do much better, if they are not given a job of running up and down the pitch.
If we pull off Ugarte we would have pretty solid starting MF, albeit with a major drop off. Alas we can't fix everything in 1 window.
Are we buying Amrabat?

I am not sure, but I am guessing we would if Casemiro leaves for Saudi.

Strangely enough, we haven't taken up the option to buy him yet but neither have we made any goodbye posts on the ending of his loan.
if Casemiro leaves for Saudi.

Apparently, the party is over


Today, the Saudi Minister of Sports confirmed that player recruitment for the upcoming season will be drastically reduced compared to last year. This comes after a swashbuckling period of 18 months where PIF invested massively in big-name signings. Over the last two seasons, Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sadio Mane, Riyad Mahrez, and some of the biggest names in football have moved to the Saudi Pro League.

Right now, the need is for clubs to adopt a more strategic approach to squad building. Signing these players has meant they have come on massive contracts and have become difficult to shift. While some have proven successful, other names, such as Benzema, have been anything but.

“The recruitment of players will be much less than last season. Each club will attract only what it needs,” the Minister stated, indicating a marked shift from last summer’s extensive overhaul of foreign player rosters.