Which is more important: a top striker or a top right-winger?


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Apr 11, 2015
Well said mate! I think you have properly pointed out what I mentioned on another thread. If the system right now is 4-2-3-1, we need players suitable for the positions. I don't think we have players in the squad who actually qualify to fill those positions and if they do, they're old or not good. We need a CB, DM, Wingers and in the future a proper striker. It will take sometime for us to really build a championship winning team but what we have right now is not so bad either.
Im sick of it really. Annoyed me even during SAF times. Since he got the results he got away with it. But it has to stop. This is a game where they put the ball a few millimeters at the edge of corner spot to gain an advantage ffs. The game has become so competitive every single advantages count. And every single weaknesses magnified.