Why were Manchester United and Arsenal the only teams to be docked points for an on-pitch brawl?


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Apr 16, 2015
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Arsenal and Manchester United became the first English top-flight teams in 100 years to have points deducted following an on-pitch brawl during the match in the old Division One on 20 October, 1990 at Old Trafford.

The incident only lasted 30 seconds, but involved 21 of the 22 players on the pitch, with Arsenal duo Anders Limpar and Nigel Winterburn the only ones to be booked, although a number of players from both sides were later fined by their clubs.

But the Football Association deducted Arsenal two points and Manchester United one, although the Gunners still went on to finish as champions - ending seven points clear of second-placed Liverpool with United coming sixth.

I'm sure there have been brawls before and after this equal to, if not worse than this yet no points were deducted.
Main question is how Fergie survived this? Must have had an incredibly soft fanbase back then.

Not sure if serious. You do realise we were really, really shit throughout the 80s? Hence the whole 26 years without a title thing
I've never seen that before. Such a tame brawl to be docked points for.
Was just after the ban ended for english football and the TA wttr trying to clean English footballs rep
Main question is how Fergie survived this? Must have had an incredibly soft fanbase back then.
We’d won the FA Cup the previous season, went on the win the Cup Winners Cup that year, and were starting to play good football on a consistent basis.

Fergie’s lowest point had been twelve months earlier, when we went on a terrible run in the first half of the 89/90 season and ended up 13th; our worst finish since we were relegated in 1974.
I was thinking about this incident when listening to everton fans moaning about the 'harsh' penalty they got.

10 points for a 200m overspend, against points deducted for the type of nothing scrap that happens every week.