Willy Kambwala | 2023/24 Performances

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Nov 27, 2014
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Full Name: Willy Kambwala Ndengushi
Date of Birth: Aug 25, 2004
Nationality: France

Other Nationalities: DR Congo

Height: 192cm
Squad Number: #53
Position: Defender - Centre-Back
Foot: Right
Player Agent: Darren Dein
Contract Expires: Jun 30, 2025
Date of last contract extension: Oct 8, 2021​
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Good luck to him. Hopefully it's the start of a great career here.
Some age difference between our starting CBs today.

Jonny Evans had probably fingered his first bird before Willy was even born.
Decent performance. Looks like he physically is ready, but does look a bit clunky on the ball. Unsure if he has the quality to actually make it at United, but always nice to see someone get a debut for us.
Looked calm. Think had he been in Evans spot that second goal never happens. He looked like he wanted to go close him down but thought Evans would actually do so something
Superb I thought. Made no real sense to take him off. Looked really confident and comfortable in possession.
Did very well.

I am down for writing this season off and just giving these kids the chance to see who will take them.
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Good first showing. Didn't have anything to do really though mind you. I'm actually glad he came off, so he could come out of the game unscathed.
Did very well.

I am down for righting this season off and just giving these kids the chance to see who will take them.
Right on, we aren't achieving anything if we can't score so it's best to throw these kids to the deep-end and see who will save us a few millions because we are going to need every cent after this disaster.
Did quite well for his first match. I give a lot of credit to Evans though who did the bulk of the defending as you'd expect and didnt leave him exposed.
Assured performance. Start him and see where it takes us. Season is a write off anyway. Would rather see some youngsters get chances.
Might have lost the game, but he has probably earned himself more game time this season. Very big and powerful central defender, showed good composure on the ball and a willingness to take it forward.
Did really well. Very assured performance, especially for a debut
Was quite assured for his Premier League debut. Not sure what his ceiling is, but it’s good to know he is an option if needed.
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