WSL 21/22 | Leicester v United | Sunday 12 Sept - 2pm


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Dec 30, 2011
No worries
Didn't see what happened to Turner, but she's been stretchered off. Thorisdottir comes on to replace her.


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Aug 27, 2014
Was that Leicester being Leicester and leaving a foot in hard, or just bad luck. I always think they get away with some awful tackles.


Aug 18, 2007
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Solid win for United 1-3, and could/should have been more really.

I've not heard anything yet on Millie Turner. If that injury was as bad as it looked (based on her reaction) then that's a big hole left behind in our squad.


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Aug 26, 2004
I thought we played very well overall, though the finishing could have been better.

Earps - a couple of good saves, one in each half, almost managed to gift Leicester a goal when caught in possession

Blundell - relatively quiet going forward apart from a 2 min spell in which she had a super shot from distance saved, then put a good chance wide from an angle
Batlle - more prominent in the attacking third, good bringing the ball forwards on the counter, several shots, mostly blocked, hit the post but not clear if referee had seen something earlier, caught in possession in the first half
Mannion - looked good again
Turner - suffered a serious injury early on

Zelem - nowhere near as impressive as last week, though still had some moments where her quality was on display
Groenen - first half was a struggle, so little time allowed on the ball in midfield but looked impressive in the 2nd half, hitting the post and seeing an attempted chip go over the bar
Staniforth - her best performance for United. One fierce shot saved from an angle. I think she was the player whose header was cleared off the line just prior to Maria scoring. Wasted a good chance created by Leah Galton.

Hanson - finishing let her down today but otherwise did well. A bit unlucky when she went past the keeper, only for a Leicester player to clear off the line. Poor finish for the chance created by Ella Toone. Kirsty created the big chance for Leah that was saved and the shot from Ella that led to our 3rd goal
Galton - much improved on last week. Should have scored the big chance created by Hanson. Almost scored at the near post from Hanson's cross near the end of the first half. Dangerous crosses in the 2nd half. Created chance for Lucy Staniforth
Toone - super strike from distance for her goal. Linked play well. Had several shots blocked including one that led to Hayley Thomas' goal


Thorisdottir - scored with a good shot after a header was cleared off the line from a corner. One awful moment in our penalty area when we were trying to play out from the back. Good defending to cut out a cross.
Thomas - scored with a good finish. Wasted big chance with a wild finish late on, keeper out of position and only one Leicester player near the line
Russo - a couple of dangerous crosses, one slightly too high. Twice failed to out pace her marker. Shot off-target after doing well to create the opening for herself
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