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  • Value protected. Fantastic return on that new deal. :lol:
  • Zidane's nailed on for Juve surely? Pirlo will be out in a few weeks and Zizou will be back to Turin.
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    IMO, Varane has always been a bit dozy. I think I saw another poster call him passive, that's probably right. Varane is one of those players whose athletic gifts have tended to bail him out. His greatest attribute as a centre back is that his...
  • Why do people take this big six stuff seriously? It was invented by Sky as a way to keep interest in games when ourselves, Arsenal and Spurs fell off. Leicester have been more consistently good since they won the title since most of the so-called...
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    Agreed. Bruno being in our team is the difference between us an Arsenal. The fact the lesser sides fear Bruno makes them sit off and doesn't expose the weakness of players like Fred, that's how we can beat them. Whereas the best sides like...
  • This is all very true. If the Glazers sanction signing a 'marquee' forward and let us go into next season relying on a centre back and central midfield 75% made up of McFred and Lindelof we will struggle to finish 4th. City, Chelsea and...
  • Yup. I really, really want Henderson to be good enough. You see a kid who has grown up with United, been in the crowd with the fans for some big nights, you want them to live the dream we all had as kids. So far though...He's good but he is not...
  • Basically every goal we have conceded has been pure Bantz FC. Usually involving one of our players making a mad unforced error. I can't remember how many times I have seen us concede and thought: wow, that's just quality nobody could defend that.
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    Never heard of him. But I doubt he is worse than Matic, Fred and McTominay.
  • So scared in possession. The only thing you can say for him tonight is Bailly was worse. Which really ain't saying much.
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    I have been a fan of Bailly's since he arrived. But he's well along the Smalling-Jones curve of failing to improve from a promising start. Another one rewarded with a new contract without there being much logic to it.
  • We actually gave him a new three year deal last summer. Comical.
  • Anonymous apart from the odd foul. Which we should expect cos he's really not as good as we all want him to be. I compared him to Darron Gibson recently, I don't see how I am being unfair. He will score the odd drive from range but he ain't It'd...
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    He can't take the ball and he can't distribute it. We spent £50m on this. Shocking use of money.