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Hey there.

Saw your post regarding tickets available for the December OT games for existing members - are any of these still available?

That Hawkeye post. Just perfectly summed up what I was literally screaming inside my head the entire episode.

PS - Don't have posting access to the General forums. Not sure if this is allowed. If not then my apologies. Will delete.
It’s all good mate! Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.
Hi thanks for your message
My tickets will be available for the home December games including CL
Are you interested ?
As to not derail the thread regarding tactics, I don't know if you heard or read this, but Luigi Maifredi claimed that Sacchi took the ideas of Zdenek Zemen and Manfredi's own, sycnretised them and that was the form of the famed Milan of '87-'90.
Hoof The Ball
Though, of course, the origin of the ideas began with Rinus Michels; nonetheless, these were the claims of Maifredi re: Sacchi. Which reminds me, another forgotten figure who deserves credit for being modern before his time is Zemen at Roma. Fantastic football.