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  • Honourable Niall,

    thank you for sending your message.

    In case of further questions and of course also suggestions, I will be pleased to be at your disposal!

    Warm Greetings from Germany

    Doctor Thrax
    Can you approve my other posts please? The longer they go unapproved the less relevance they have.
    Hi Niall,

    Can you take a look at my thread on the Newbies Forum regarding the formatting issues I'm experiencing on my PC, please?

    Hi Niall, thanks for the welcome. Long time lurker, but decided to get involved with the discussions on here. Also, I’m not sure if this is a negative but I’m a Liverpool fan, however I would rather talk sense with people on here than join something ridiculous like RAWK. All the best, Andrew
    I was responding directly to a staffer who wants United to lose football games.

    Is that the right attitude for a staffer?
    Comparing solskjaer and woodward to one of the greatest comic movie? Why is it wind up?
    Thanks for the squad update. Enjoy the game cause I know I will, love seeing all the young players tonight on the field.
    You deleted a post I made for 'having too many smilies'. This seems utterly ridiculous and draconian. I added three/four different emojis which were relevant to my comment. Lighten up! Also, I have seen some 'experiences' posters make comments with upwards of 15 emojis.
    Good evening from Australia.

    Just wanted to say I've lurked these forums for years and really appreciate the work of the Redcafe staff and mods.

    Not brown nosing, just giving credit where it's due.

    Thanks you.

    I wonder if it would be possible to get a name change to just Deery. As I wasn’t aware at the time this would be my online name, for security reasons?
    No problem. Done.
    Hi pal, I used to be a full member on here under BIGBADBOO4 but I took voluntary redundancy and my email was shut down and cannot log on so have had to rejoin. Any chance I can have my account reactivated?
    Hey man, quick question, how do one get additional posting priveliges around here? I've been actively trying to make a contribution to the sports-betting forum, but find it frustrating that all my posts still have to be approved and is limited to 3 a day. This makes it harder to contribute, especially for live-betting and events taking place at night time, as post might not be approved until after it is too late....
    Hi, a question for you Niall if you will. Why must a fair comment, deleted for being off topic, count as a comment used? I only have 3 comments per day and jojojo deleted two of my comments yesterday because the thread was deemed as 'football only' related. A fair mistake from a fair newbee, like myself. So why not give me back those 2 comments?
    It all seems a bit draconian tbh mate. Any thoughts?
    Hi Niall.. thanks for the post approval.. just a quick question.. I’ve been a member on here for ages... but never got the likes I need to get to use the full forums. L If you have a browse through my posts, hopefully you think they are all pretty sensible. Any tips for getting the like I need?
    I would like to thank you for you're help yesterday with that post and then the decency in reposting it, when I followed you're advice.
    Hey i see you have approved a few of my posts but im still stuck on 3 posts a day until someone likes one of my posts i think. Just wondering is there any hope you could sneak me a like so i can post more often. Thanks and never worry if you can't
    Thanks for approving my post Niall. I was wondering if I could edit my post? I noticed a mistake, at the end of the first paragraph I put in penetrable when it should be impenetrable. Thanks.
    Why can’t I link to images for other users to embed? It was a relevant topic, and other users would have liked to have seen the pics. Disappointing and unnecessary.
    Hi Niall, thanks for approving my post in the Dan James thread, but I'm wondering if you could move my post to the front, since there are now 2 new whole pages, and I doubt anyone will see my post now.
    Sorry that’s not possible. I approved it shortly after you posted it so people have seen it. People also read previous pages so your post will continue to be seen.
    Well it did take 32mins and 2 extra pages since I posted, but if there is nothing you can do, fair enough, Thanks anyway.
    Just wondering why that post was not approved? It is clear enough that both Liverpool and City aren't where they are because of referees!
    (Most) Liverpool fans are banned from posting in the Man Utd forum. Your account settings weren't quite right so I deleted that post manually.
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