Jun 13, 1999
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All Powerful Super Being

    1. ILC
      1. Bill.s.preston
        For posting some links?
        Oct 21, 2019
    2. PyroMan
      Thanks for approving my posts! 100% success rate with you so far :D
    3. The Neville wears Prada
      You deleted a post I made for 'having too many smilies'. This seems utterly ridiculous and draconian. I added three/four different emojis which were relevant to my comment. Lighten up! Also, I have seen some 'experiences' posters make comments with upwards of 15 emojis.
    4. Multatuli
      Hi Niall,
      Thanx for rejecting my post! It made me laugh :D
    5. Blades1889
      Thanks for the recent like. Slowly getting the ability to post more often
    6. Balotelli's Bib
      Good evening from Australia.

      Just wanted to say I've lurked these forums for years and really appreciate the work of the Redcafe staff and mods.

      Not brown nosing, just giving credit where it's due.

      Thanks you.

    7. Deery
      I wonder if it would be possible to get a name change to just Deery. As I wasn’t aware at the time this would be my online name, for security reasons?
      1. Niall
        No problem. Done.
        Sep 3, 2019
      2. Deery
        Sep 3, 2019
    8. Deleted 118342
      Hi pal, I used to be a full member on here under BIGBADBOO4 but I took voluntary redundancy and my email was shut down and cannot log on so have had to rejoin. Any chance I can have my account reactivated?
    9. John_Dooh
      Hey man, quick question, how do one get additional posting priveliges around here? I've been actively trying to make a contribution to the sports-betting forum, but find it frustrating that all my posts still have to be approved and is limited to 3 a day. This makes it harder to contribute, especially for live-betting and events taking place at night time, as post might not be approved until after it is too late....
    10. Orwellians
      Another quick question, Niall. Is my comment my intellectual property?
    11. Orwellians
      Hi, a question for you Niall if you will. Why must a fair comment, deleted for being off topic, count as a comment used? I only have 3 comments per day and jojojo deleted two of my comments yesterday because the thread was deemed as 'football only' related. A fair mistake from a fair newbee, like myself. So why not give me back those 2 comments?
      It all seems a bit draconian tbh mate. Any thoughts?
    12. Gudderz1
      Hi, you have rejected my recent post, I have posted in that thread before
    13. The Last Jedaiiii

      I'm in the same boat as sammyhol. Can I begin threads?
    14. sammyhol
      Hi Niall.. thanks for the post approval.. just a quick question.. I’ve been a member on here for ages... but never got the likes I need to get to use the full forums. L If you have a browse through my posts, hopefully you think they are all pretty sensible. Any tips for getting the like I need?
    15. ZLATAN9
      Hi just wanna say thanks for excepting my posts
    16. patty123
      I would like to thank you for you're help yesterday with that post and then the decency in reposting it, when I followed you're advice.
    17. Tel074
      Hey i see you have approved a few of my posts but im still stuck on 3 posts a day until someone likes one of my posts i think. Just wondering is there any hope you could sneak me a like so i can post more often. Thanks and never worry if you can't
    18. Loving Utd's D Moyes
      Thanks for approving my post Niall. I was wondering if I could edit my post? I noticed a mistake, at the end of the first paragraph I put in penetrable when it should be impenetrable. Thanks.
    19. VivaJesperBlomqvist
      Why can’t I link to images for other users to embed? It was a relevant topic, and other users would have liked to have seen the pics. Disappointing and unnecessary.
    20. SAF-GIGGSY
      Hahhahaa grow up
    21. fergiesarmy1
      Give me free reign to respond or you at least tell him Sanchez was not a free transfer lol
    22. fergiesarmy1
      Hi Niall, it’s me fergiesbarmyarmy from back in the day if it helps my post limit
    23. cr4cki3
      why was my post rejected ? so I know next time
    24. Legendary
      Hi Niall, thanks for approving my post in the Dan James thread, but I'm wondering if you could move my post to the front, since there are now 2 new whole pages, and I doubt anyone will see my post now.
      1. Niall
        Sorry that’s not possible. I approved it shortly after you posted it so people have seen it. People also read previous pages so your post will continue to be seen.
        May 10, 2019
      2. Legendary
        Well it did take 32mins and 2 extra pages since I posted, but if there is nothing you can do, fair enough, Thanks anyway.
        May 10, 2019
    25. PGLFC91
      Just wondering why that post was not approved? It is clear enough that both Liverpool and City aren't where they are because of referees!
      1. Niall
        (Most) Liverpool fans are banned from posting in the Man Utd forum. Your account settings weren't quite right so I deleted that post manually.
        May 8, 2019
    26. Thehiddenpassenger07
      you just deleted a post of mine on meesi vs ronaldo thread which is fine, i noticed there was something wrong with it but my ipad was giving me a hard time so idecided to just press reply! But im wondering that was my third post of the day it got deleted and i no longer have posts remaining, shouldnt i get my post back?
    27. Plassryss
      What was wrong with my post?
    28. Whiteside '85
      Yeah I will Niall I assumed you read that Trump/Glazers connection was mentioned ... will quote in future cheers
    29. Ole’s Wheel
      Hi, I noticed you approved of my posts. How can I get rep points and get promoted?
    30. since 1977
      Off topic but a reasonable question to ask Niall? I dont mean anything by it just highlighting that we let some numpties in and dedicated die-hards are kept out.
    31. JamesCurran
      I’ve posted in the thread before
    32. The_Bloods
      Ref: De Gea... no, it's not a wind-up. I have always been a little wary of his god-like status. We are all blinded by his shot-stopping, but he's always been suspect in the air and has never really commanded the area or his defence. Goalkeeping isn't just about shot stopping. And yes, I am a United fan. *sigh*
    33. DullardAndy
      Thank you for the edit and approving the post.
    34. Red Devil Life
      I can't post. even on the newbie area
      1. Niall
        Your permissions look correct. Try again?
        Feb 6, 2019
    35. LingardsBoots
      hi, ive changed the post to a block of sentences so those who cant read can now read if that makes sense
    36. Withnail
      Hi I'm bit confused by the last feedback. I didn't think my post was overly long and consisted of 2 lines together followed by 2 others with a line break in between them.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Withnail
        I'm sorry but you've lost me. When I said line break I meant a full empty line. I don't see any difference to what other posters are doing in general. Are you saying you consider my second sentence to be a separate point and that the post should have had 4 separate lines with a full empty line between?
        Jan 14, 2019
      3. Niall
        I added that extra empty line at the end, it was one block of text before that. If paragraphs are becoming overly long it’s worth considering breaking them into smaller paragraphs so they’re easier to read.
        Jan 14, 2019
      4. Withnail
        Ok thanks I wasn't aware you had edited it.

        That clears things up.

        Jan 14, 2019
    37. Galaad Joachim
      No problems, sorry. I'm just so damn happy !

      Have a nice day !
    38. David Haberger
      How is the Postmatch thread the wrong one to Post my opinion on the match?
      1. Niall
        Not sure what happened, it appeared as the first post in the post match thread when it shouldn't have, looked like a bug. Please post it again.
        Dec 5, 2018
    39. Jacko78
      Hi mate why can't I post in the ticket thread? It says I need 1 like or something? I've posted in that thread countless times before never an issue. Seems a bit silly you need a like when just asking for a spare? It's not like I'm contributing to a thread where I can talk nonsense.
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