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  • Ronaldo is a very Ole signing A- He is a United legend and one of SAF's favourite sons just like Ole, Carricky, Fletchery and co B- He fits both in the EPL proven and the safe big name signing. These two groups make 99% of Ole signing C- Ole...
  • Glorified PE teacher masterclass
  • elmo replied to the thread Xavi | Masterclass | Coaches' Voice.
    Following your logic Carlos Alberto Parreria, Saari and Saachi should all have never been given their chance to coach/manage any teams since they're just fans before they stepped into management.
  • They don't have any shame or pride, they have destroyed this great club. I expect him to continue until end of the season, they will come out with the usual story of backing the manager.
  • Sparky Rhiwabon replied to the thread How can Ole be this bad?.
    I think a lot of us knew the minute he was appointed that he was not the right man
  • Cautiously excited - hopefully this assay validation thing won't hold up approval too long (looks nervously...
  • Murder on Zidane's Floor replied to the thread Next Manager.
    Goes to show just how weak Serie A actually is.
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  • That would only happen if the club had any shame or pride
  • Media twisting things as per usual.
  • redshaw replied to the thread Manchester United vs Atalanta.
    We could pick them off like we do Leeds but we're facing a 352 probably like Leicester at the weekend, could again lose the midfield battle. I expect us to show up for this one, it's a must win home game but Ole's CL record, our poor form, I'm...
  • Ixion replied to the thread How can Ole be this bad?.
    The truth is we are a huge club. Huge. We have resources 99% of clubs simply cannot match and Ole has spent a considerable amount. How PSG and City look to us with their bottomless pits of money is how we look to almost every other club. Huge...
  • Ananke replied to the thread How can Ole be this bad?.
    I don’t think he’s a ‘bad manager’. To be fair, I thought he was growing in his role and becoming a better manager. I’ve been very supportive of him since his appointment, quick to defend him when the kneejerkers jump in after a loss/draw here...
  • Maguire wasnt fit? Also VDB situation is a complete madness. Also Pogba's post match interview was quite telling.
  • KirkDuyt replied to the thread Greta Thunberg.
    This guy is up there with the dude in front of the tank at the Chinese student protests and Frodo Baggins in terms of bravery. So brave. I think this of all pilots though, being rather afraid of flying myself.