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  • I loved Cristiano when he was. Would download his highlights from soccer pulse (rip) after every game. However, after he left I don’t overly care for his goals or performances. I admire him obviously but celebrating goals against random teams...
  • I think we’ve got at least 4 attacking players who can win us matches now. That’s huge. Unfortunately Greenwood and Fernandes were very quiet last night, but Martial and Rashford were at it. I just worry about our defence - I think Lindelof and...
  • Too stop start for me. If he was more direct then I'd say he'd give our FBs a problem
  • Siorac replied to the thread Post match vs Southampton.
    Well, no, not exactly the same. That's the thing. City basically laid siege to their goal for 60 minutes. 74% possession, 26 attempts... That was a very typical "small-team-beats-big-team" performance: backs to the wall, keeper performing...
  • Top 4 isn’t the only metric but it’s an important one if we still have ambitions of playing at the highest level. I think we need to consider it there’s better managers out there that’s all, I feel the question should be asked. His transfers...
  • ...and counting!
  • I don't think you watch much football.
  • Lash replied to the thread Which CB to partner Maguire?.
    @Adnan and the stats point towards Konate. He's everything we're missing.
  • Couldnt agree more. What i do dislike about our fanbase regarding pogba is people just cannot see any weakness to his game, yet they are glaringly obvious. People will excuse his losing possession that leads to an opposition goal or chance with...
  • He basically the new lingard of being afforded chance after chance and offering sod all end product.
  • How is that a valid comparison? Sheffield Utd were poor and hardly attacked us at all. Bournemouth at least gave it a bit of a go. You do realise the performance of the opposition has an impact on how the team performs, right?
  • Berbasbullet replied to the thread Post match vs Southampton.
    I agree with this, in football things can be out of your control. It wasn't a great performance, but we should have wond despite this, let's bounce back.
  • crossy1686 replied to the thread Jack Grealish.
    Spot on. They’re the games he looks best in
  • I don’t quite understand what you’re going on about..Southampton are a lower In the league than us? That’s what I meant . And that they tactically outsmarted us
  • CB, DM, RW/CF - don't think we need both a RW and CF but an extra quality player in either position gives us flexibility.