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  • Well, congratulations on a great run this season.

    I'm hoping United can compete in a couple years. It's unbelievable how far Man Utd has fallen.
    I gotta say reading the panicky threads on here is like reading the best Marvel Comic book ever but I think it’s time your team gets their shit together and join the rest of us.
    I respect united and most of the posts that piss off the superfans are just in jest. Good luck with the new mgr
    Really, Liverpool?
    Yep born there. Moved to the states years ago. But a Red from Merseyside at heart.
    Hello NJRed, I'm new to the forum so I'm limited to 3 posts a day until I get 2 likes and 50 posts.

    Thanks mate
    No problem. Assuming Rizzo is from the Jerkey boys. Geniuses
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