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  1. Would the Super League be a success?

    I’d love to say it’ll flop and the clubs will come whimpering back with their tails between their legs. But given the clubs in question with their huge fan bases, pulling power and wealth, alongside the billions you’ve mentioned, I think it can’t not be a success in terms of what those clubs...
  2. Man Utd reportedly among six Prem clubs in on a breakaway Euro super league.

    Duplicate of this thread:
  3. Uploading Pictures Directly From Device

    Sorry @UNITED ACADEMY this is a dead end discussion. Image hosting just isn't going to happen. CLOSE SHUTTERS
  4. Post match vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Thanks, fixed.
  5. Should our first action in the match be passing the ball into our own net?

    Is it? What is the ref going to do - disallow the goal?
  6. Pop-up advert at bottom of page.

    Ad should be removed now, if not let me know.
  7. Pop-up advert at bottom of page.

    Sorry for the delay in sorting this. Ads like that shouldn't be happening, I'm tracking it down and getting it removed.
  8. Post match vs AC Milan

    Great result. Class from Pogba tonight, how we’ve missed him.
  9. Dean Henderson | 2020/21 Performances

    Looked the part today. Confident, commanding, made the saves asked of him, gave a real sense of authority at the back. I’m not sure yet whether he’s capable of the wonder saves Dave is known for but Dave ain’t doing those much these days anyway. Not sure how Ole could justify dropping...
  10. Manchester City vs Manchester United

    What a great moment for Shaw :drool: Deserves it for his brilliant form this season. Now don’t feck this up :nervous:
  11. How is that Hudson-Odoi handball not a penalty?

    Above the letters "her" in the advertising hoarding, just touching the defenders raised arm. I think! :eek:
  12. How is that Hudson-Odoi handball not a penalty?

    Took me a good 30 seconds to find the ball there :lol: It’s like something they’d use in Question of Sport.
  13. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    To the "Why is Fred allowed to shoot...." thread!
  14. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Great reflex save and brilliant tackle then block by Shaw. Phew, I was sure that was a goal.
  15. Europa League Round of 16 Draw | United vs Milan

    Tasty, a proper European tie. Two heavyweights of world football (albeit during decidedly poor periods of their histories). Looking forward to that.