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  • Cannot post in the mains. But wanted to reply to you on your latest post in the F1 thread.

    Wouldn't be surprised if Seb is missing the Middle East races on purpose to take a silent stance against the human rights violations. As well as a retort against the points deductions he had received last season for wearing the pride colors.
    You may have a point, but I dont think Seb would do that, he would do the pride colours again and take the fine.
    I have it , but not seen it yet , read good reviews. Quite a few are already watching this and liking it.
    The two leads Sandra Oh and jodie comer are amazing.
    I would like to recommend this show to you if you havnt watched it.
    I would like everyone on here to watch it, but I do t have the likes to post here.
    So if you like it, please let the others know about this wonderful show
    Hey Paul, I consider you the tv guru on here.
    Just wanted to ask you if you have seen the new show Killing Eve. It's a British show about an assassin and a MI5 officer who is trying to catch her.
    It's dark and witty.
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