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  • Ty lots for the rep likes on posts

    it is very much appreciated:angel: (i only have 3 so each one feels like a milestone!)
    You're welcome! Thanks for contributing good posts to the forum. :)
    Thanks for the likes brother. I have 7 now but my posts are still seemingly limited to 5/day. What did I do wrong?
    I don't remember the rules for posting privileges, but in any case, it can take up to an hour for a profile update to happen when you get your 10th like (i.e., promotion), so maybe it's the same for this?
    Yes thanks, shows 10 now.
    Thanks for that, didn't think I'd ever get a like
    I saw that, then had a look at your posts, and figured you were due some. :)
    Much appreciated, thanks again :)
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