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  1. Canned crowd noise during Corona - Yay or Nay?

    [Something catty about City] Not for me. I'm aware there is a certain level of trickery with how they mic and output audio from normals games but I think it would be too much of a suspension of disbelief for me to hear roars when I can see empty seats. That said I probably shouldn't knock it...
  2. Cricket ODI Auction Draft FINAL - Mani vs Samid

    Mani's MO gets him over the line for me. I don't like Morkel at all in a final but he has other quality pacers, plus I prefer his spin options even with the Sachin v Warne factor.
  3. Westminster Politics

    This is absolutely excruciating
  4. BBC greatest FA Cup moments poll.

    It's Giggsy isn't it? Hands down. :lol:
  5. Your most overrated footballer

    I like that phrase, I may have to create a British version. Next time I see a keeper wondering I'll say 'look at him, he's going to the chippy' and see if it catches on. For me personally it's Alex, the Brazilian defender. I know he isn't particularly rated but I had mates who really liked him...
  6. Irwin vs Evra

    I saw more of Evra and was only a child during Denis's but having read and watched up it's the Irishman for me.
  7. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: I'd rather have a hole in Man Utd squad than 'an a***hole'

    The Metro have certainly framed it as a swipe against Sanchez and Lukaku, and to be fair I'd be surprised if he didn't have the former in mind if not the latter. But the truth is we don't know how the conversation went and exactly what Ole had in his mind wen he made this comment. For me it...
  8. The RedCafe Cricket Drafts | Discussions, Ideas etc..

    In please @2mufc0 Transferring between ODI and Test would be brutal, could be fun though
  9. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: I'd rather have a hole in Man Utd squad than 'an a***hole'

    I take your point, if Ole is saying 'I don't want to work with any fiery geniuses, I only want compliant puppy dogs' he can feck right off as you're right to say every great side had its characters (i.e. assholes). However I'm willing to give Ole more credit than that. I don't think he was...
  10. ODI Auction Draft SF#1 - Mani vs 2mufc0

    I'm thinking particularly of Gayle who is going to be your second spinner on the two turners, while Mani can diffuse his slow bowling around several competent guys. Then I see Imran at seven coming in after a very destructive 1-6, potentially partnering an ATG finisher while I think you'll be...
  11. ODI Auction Draft SF#1 - Mani vs 2mufc0

    Don't know why you've vetoed pitch one @2mufc0. Mani has scrambled well from his 6/5 dilemma and for me you're relying on too many all-rounders, plus he has the better spin options.
  12. Kolarov - "Football fans know nothing about football..."

    "If you listen to the fans, you'll be sitting up there with them" endures not only because it's a nice pithy line but because there's truth to it. The fans deserve respect as no football club would exist without them but the first thing I'd do as a coach would be to warn all players against...
  13. Alan Green BBC Contract Not Renewed

    This post details the ridiculous way in which Green reacted to the VAR calls made during City's CL game with Schalke. Pat Nevin had to explain to him over and over why the linesmen weren't raising their flags until the ball was out of play, and after he'd been proven wrong and made to look a tit...
  14. ODI Draft QF#4- Samid vs EAP/TMH

    It's Samid all day for me, the team has been much better constructed than EAP's. In the first round Samid got over the line with a quality TO, quality bowlers and an average MO/LMO. With the fundamentals taken care of he used reenforcement to beef up that middle order with quality ODI players...
  15. Your favourite assists

    That's great. The tackle by Vidic too :drool: