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  1. What will this new United generation/era be called?

    Yeah I get that you mean it in the fact we are changing everything but if it fails just throw it in with the other years and do the same again
  2. What will this new United generation/era be called?

    The caf is always excited in the transfer window. You don’t have to go back far to see either as we finished 2nd then signed Ronaldo, Sancho and Varane the caf thought we were back
  3. Rate Mata's United career

    Rubbish. While he is the most likeable guy ever he was a flop for us and while Pogba was also a flop I feel the ratings in both threads are based on the person and not the football they produced. 3/10 max
  4. What will this new United generation/era be called?

    Not to be negative but this could just be thrown in with 2013-2021 if it isn’t successful. ETH has such a big job on his hands it is unreal
  5. Mo Salah

    Even if he does go Liverpool will replace him with a player that is seen as decent then they will be a star. All of there signings seem to just work out. As for Salah based on his PL record since joining Liverpool he should be one of the highest paid players in the world.
  6. Tottenham Hotspur 2021-22

    The reason I mentioned short term was due to Chelsea, Inter and mainly Spurs.He is a manager that comes in and takes teams to titles and then moves on yet I don’t understand the Spurs move. He did great by getting 4th but what else can he do. He won’t get the backing to challenge City and...
  7. How bad is top-flight football going to be in 5 years?

    The people saying Pep are spot on and even though it is funny that he fails in the CL. This is what happens when you hire a manager that has a set way and buys players to suit that style. Since Pep took over we have matched City’s spending but instead of hiring the right manager we hire...
  8. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    People thinking ETH will go into this season with mostly the same team are just worrying. He will come in and see McFred try adept times his attacking football and realise they can’t control a game. Yes it won’t be the 10 players like Ralf said we needed but there will be big changes
  9. Our priorities are all wrong

    I think we need both urgently. Fred is ok and is perfect for certain games but he is not a CM that is good enough to control the game or pick passes. We have so many holes in our side it’s depressing
  10. General Glazer Discussion | To receive the majority of £11m stakeholder dividend today

    You be right if this was 2009 but since Pep has been at city we have spent the same as them. The Glazers main problem now is them hiring people on the board that are all about getting commercial deals and know nothing about football. These changes this summer hopefully change this
  11. Our priorities are all wrong

    We also need a CM. A DM is more important but ETH likes attacking football with the midfield being creative and we don’t have anyone for that
  12. Was that the worst season you ever witnessed?

    It’s the same for me. Moyes season was woeful but it was down to him not being good enough. This season was all on the players who never looked interested and as a fan I felt so disconnected with us.
  13. Anthony Martial | Sevilla loan watch

    We wasted so many years on him and Rashford for both to not be any better than they were when 19 years old. As I said before I hated Jose here but his opinion on Martial and Pogba was correct
  14. Tottenham Hotspur 2021-22

    This is the problem for Conte at Spurs. He is a short term manager that will get the best out a team and that was seen by finishing 4th. Yet to challenge City/Liverpool he would need a 200m plus budget which he won’t get. I don’t see the point in him being there as he won’t challenge for the...
  15. Our priorities are all wrong

    People also forget that our midfield is literally mid table and then bring up Liverpool from a few years ago yet then fail to mention it was the reason they still fell behind City and there CM now is class. Yes we are better than we have shown but we literally have no CDM or any decent CM’s no...