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  1. Post match vs Aston Villa

    Something’s not right.
  2. Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester United

    Absolutely rubbish. Outfought from the get go
  3. Post match vs Southampton

    Sign a bloody midfielder that is able to come in ASAP. That chap from Brighton looks a player.
  4. Memphis Depay | Barca watch

    Good player. Joined us at a time where it was almost impossible for anyone to shine. Would fit well in our current set up.
  5. Worst you've felt after a football match

    fecking hell. Brutal timing. But yes as you noted in the OP - Aguero was worse than this.
  6. Post match vs Villareal

    I’m with you mate
  7. Post match vs Aston Villa

    Top drawer second half.
  8. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

  9. Will you still support the club?

    100% yes. I was crushed by the Super League shenanigans but am fully back on board now.
  10. Manchester United vs Burnley

    What a goal!
  11. New Paddy Power advert with Rhodri Giggs

    Oh my word this is absolutely brutal :lol:
  12. Yves Bissouma

    Very positive, neat and aggressive player.
  13. Post match vs Tottenham Hotspur

    100% agreed.
  14. Post match vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Feeling some right aches and pains today. Went absolutely ballistic during that period late in the first half when the goal was disallowed and they subsequently scored. Lost my shit good and proper. Kids & the missus hiding for cover upstairs and laughing their tits off at me, and deservedly so...
  15. Jamie Carragher

    what a dick