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  1. Solskjær press conference vs Le Arse (H)

    "We need assists and goals from them"(AWB and Shaw) I'm really happy to hear that from Ole because fullbacks need to contribute in the transition.
  2. FA Youth Cup - Chelsea vs Manchester United

  3. FA Youth Cup - Chelsea vs Manchester United

    We couldn't transition play from deeper effectively so i'm not sure why Neil Ryan didn't change things and maybe play Mejbri deeper. Chelsea just dominated the defensive zones which left our forwards isolated. Chelsea fully deserved to win the game and good luck to them.
  4. FA Youth Cup - Chelsea vs Manchester United

    They nullified Elanga with ease. Hopefully it'll be a learning curve for him. And I don't see what the fuss is about Shoretire who looks a decent player but nothing more.
  5. FA Youth Cup - Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Agreed. They came at us with a real intensity which could've seen them a few goals up . But they ran out steam and the high press was gone around the 25-30 minute mark. Like you say I think they might try the same in the first 15 minutes in the second half to blow the house down. Mejbri and...
  6. FA Youth Cup - Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Chelsea will run out of steam. We just need to hang in there.
  7. FA Youth Cup - Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Backs to the wall with Fish, poor at the back with some horrendous passes which should've been punished.
  8. Marco Rose | Gladbach manager

    I could be wrong and Rose might not live upto his potential because there's plenty of pit falls ahead and you need that bit of luck aswell. Mourinho for example should've been out of the UCL with Porto in the knock out stages in the 03/04 season if the officials had done their job and not...
  9. Marco Rose | Gladbach manager

    No I wasn't the first one to mention him at all so you're wrong with your insiniuation about my insecurities. So you admit you didn't watch the game hence using match reports to form your opinion? If you didn't watch the game it's no big deal. I've always preferred United to appoint potential...
  10. Marco Rose | Gladbach manager

    'Touted by many'? I must've been one of a small minority of people who brought him up on this forum during a time when people couldn't look past Poch or Nagelsmann. Hassenhuttl would be the right move aswell IMO if we decided to hire a coach. Doesn't mean I'm gonna be right but I always believe...
  11. Marco Rose | Gladbach manager

    Milenkovic is still a good player and will get a move to a bigger club soon. Inter, United and Atletico Madrid have shown interest in him. No I was against signing William Carvalho..
  12. Marco Rose | Gladbach manager

    It's pointless discussing anything with you because first you referenced match reports to make a point about Gladbach being outplayed by BVB which was refuted not only by BVB fans who watched the game but also a Man Utd fan who did. But you still carried on with your tangent and wouldn't admit...
  13. Diogo Dalot Loan watch - Milan 2020-21

    Fantastic to see hope he keeps it up and makes his parents proud who follow him everywhere and have invested so much time and effort to make him realise his dream.
  14. Marco Rose | Gladbach manager

    Schooled.. Great post.