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  1. Is anyone else confused as to why we allow Fred to take long range pot shots, every single game, and on his weak foot?

    Actually I like what Ole is trying to do. Having him and McT take shots from around the box will open things up. His goals are coming!
  2. Post match vs Chelsea

    Having Dan James jus run around is not going to win us a game. Rashford was underutilized Worst game of the season for not going for a win Decent defensively The ref was absolute shit
  3. Post match vs Real Sociedad

    Matic, boss.
  4. Post match vs Newcastle United

    If you do not vote Matic as motm then you are clueless about football Why can't we make simple square passes and score simple tap ins in the box. Game is done and for the last 15 min we overcomplicate things James was awful apart from the goal. Many poor decisions and not a single good cross
  5. Who will choke to let Liverpool back in the top 4?

    The way is looking City Unites Leicester Everton Chelsea Will fight for top 4 Imagine the scousers hoping that we win uel
  6. Jürgen Klopp Sack Watch

    Last week the USA broadcasters were making fun of him that he has become a sore loser. I didn't hear the commentary today
  7. Which United signing excited you the most before they played?

    Bebe Sanchez Di maria Zlatan
  8. That was the best performance of the season so far

    We are always good IN Europe against teams that want to play football. In epl, teams defend well, don't get caught out of position and we have hard time scoring.
  9. Throw away Europa League MK2

    We will do fine in europe. These all out defense tactics in England we are struggling with.
  10. When is McTominay going to be recognised as the next Steven Gerrard?

    He is of the Rubens Baraja mold Love McSauce
  11. Not in the Race?

    Well said mate. Re city, it's frustrating that they are doing so well with two of their best players out.
  12. Premier League Gameweek 24

    Spurs will get a result here, just watch
  13. Post match vs Everton

  14. New format proposed for 2024-27 Champions League

    The rich are getting richer. Football has lost it's soul. While I love united, teams from small countries have no chance of winning this competition give the financial power that big western clubs have. Heck even Russian teams have no chance. Kyiev, Valencia getting into the semis was fun.