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  • You want impeccable heading skills from a 9. Mason has a long way to go... but he may be a world class RF - how is it worse than being a world class 9?
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    Ole never had a CDM of the calibre of Kante, Busquets, Casemiro, not even of the calibre of Ndidi or Rice. Of course he doesn’t use what he doesn’t possess :)
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    But it was a tight game, we only lost due to a set piece. Might have gone the other way too - it’s not like Leicester had significant advantage or many chances
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    can he play as a lone CDM in the CL? Because that’s what we need essentially
  • If Sancho comes, there is no need for James and nearly no need for Martial.
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    Yes, I am talking about Bruno. He would take penalties ahead of Ronaldo, Messi or whoever else
  • but we could compare him with what we’ve seen from Gomes and Chong previously. Amad is miles better for the senior team and can already be a useful off the bench player
  • Agree, but I would still prefer to see more of him off the bench going forward, he is under-utilised so far.
  • He has 1G + 1A in 178 minutes he played. Did you expect more? Then give him more game time - so far Amad is doing well, and if Ole entirely discontinues usage of Dan James in the future (giving all James’ minutes to Amad) the team will benefit...
  • Just nothing special. But not bad, I would agree - average performance vs a very good opponent. VDB, Mata or Williams were worse
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    Of course, ahead of any player in the world and without a slightest doubt. He is the best in the world in that regard
  • Yes. Because Bruno should win it
  • Pogba will be a starter if fit, regardless (of anything really). In what position is another question
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    The bigger problem would be Ronaldo accepting he is not taking penalties...
  • If we buy a world class CDM then maybe he will play more in the middle. But if not, then it’s best to play Pogba from the left, and of course no one displaces a fit and motivated Pogba