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  1. Post match vs Liverpool

    Unbelievable shit of a performance. No words to describe this
  2. Ronaldo has lost his baby boy

    Absolutely terrible, heartbreaking news :( Condolesences to him and his family.
  3. Rangnick - "Apart from goalkeeping we need to improve all areas of our squad" | Muppets amass

    It’s difficult to imagine that Bailly, Tuanzebe, Jones will remain with Ten Hag in charge, it’s also more than likely to see Henderson leave.
  4. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    There are laws in relation to it now
  5. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Why would he? Western Ukraine is an area where people traditionally disliked Russia and didn’t speak Russian. There are ties between Zakarpatie and Hungary, there are also ties to Poland, some ties to Romania - so that’s perhaps where some of Western Ukrainian regions would go. Eastern Ukraine...
  6. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    @harms thank you for the article! Great read. I wish Biden would also have read it, though.
  7. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Oh, really? Why didn’t Biden insist on Zelensky abiding with Minsk agreements, then? :) Minsk agreements were in writing and duly ratified, and Zelensky had to grant Donbas a special constitutional status and conduct the elections. For some mysterious reason it didn’t happen (maybe, just maybe...
  8. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Yes, in this sense exactly
  9. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Russian army is stronger than NATO European forces (unless USA army joins, of course, and USA won’t join as it will lead to a nuclear war with guaranteed destruction of all the parties involved). So it probably is not a big threat for Putin.
  10. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    But there are ministries of international affairs in every country. If there is an offer to discuss, convey it via a Secretary of State to Putin’s respective minister - but Mr. Blinken, on the contrary, declared that tomorrow’s meeting with Mr Lavrov is now cancelled by the USA.
  11. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    He doesn’t want to talk because no one OFFERS ANYTHING. During each talk all that is being said is “there will be new sanctions” and nothing else. There is no “carrot”, so Putin is simply fed up with threats of more stick
  12. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    But you now want Putin to give in as a viable solution, however :) That’s where carrot and a stick policy comes into play - make certain diplomatic concessions in order to receive bigger concessions from your counterpart. But how could you expect concessions from Putin if you don’t give him...
  13. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    It is even more clear that Putin will never let it happen, it is in the “theoretically impossible” section of options. Having NATO nuclear rockets 1km off Russian border is not a possibility, everyone who is mentally healthy should understand that. That’s actually the only issue of relevance in...
  14. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    My idea of negotiations is to offer someone to receive X in exchange for Y for the counterparty. They don’t offer Putin anything at all - only demand :)
  15. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    But they didn’t offer it previously, either. Usually what works is a “carrot and a stick policy”. But there is no carrot for Putin, and he has never been offered any - not a big surprise that “stick and more stick policy” is not working :)