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  1. Mike Phelan - Assistant manager

    Phelan is known for great man management. He also comes across as a very good man, but I have no idea how they set up each day at carrington, but he is surely very valued by players and staff. I bet he is also heavily involved in everything. I know he is in the transfer 'team' so he got alot of...
  2. Is Sterling the best english player at the moment?

    Only a person with non-league level of football understanding could say that
  3. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 8th Aug)

    Ronaldo is so fecking ruthless. He always finds a way. Insane footballer
  4. PL clubs reject 5 subs rule for next season

  5. PL clubs reject 5 subs rule for next season

    You could add homegrown to the rule. Then they have to be at the club for atleast 3 years before they count on that rule
  6. PL clubs reject 5 subs rule for next season

    Some clubs, dont have the resources to gamble on youth or even have the infastracture. I think championship and league one would benefit if a rule like that existed
  7. PL clubs reject 5 subs rule for next season

    Maybe make it U21 or U19. I just thought the idea could be good for development. Also in the lower leagues
  8. PL clubs reject 5 subs rule for next season

    I think they've looked at this all wrong. 3 subs is fine, but you still should be able to give youth a chance. Why not 3 subs over 23 years old and 2 extra for U23 ? This could push for more teams bringing youth a chance and eventually boost the national team.
  9. Ravel Morrison | Free agent again

    I dont think its about attitude anymore, its more qualities. He has a handful of premier league games total in his career. Nothing suggests he's good enough. He might get a contract in the lower leagues or maybe abroad. No chance he will be a premier league player, doesnt have the quality. Glad...
  10. Was Sanchez our worst ever transfer?

    Its either him or depay. Both terrible. Di Maria is up there too
  11. Eric Bailly | 2019/20 Performances

    Even if it doesnt hit Rio levels? Even close to Rio would be fantastic. For me Rio is the best defender we've ever had. He made a few errors, sure. Every defender does. But he played everything. Bailly makes one every 5 games. And Rio can really read the game and his positioning was second to...
  12. Eric Bailly | 2019/20 Performances

    I didnt say Lindelof was super great, just way better than Bailly. As you said yourself, we might be looking for a new one. Clearly the manager doesnt think anybody else in the squad is better and might step up to take his place. A new CB would make Bailly 4/5 choice. Atleast under Ole.
  13. Juan Mata | 2019/20 Performances

    Many has him as MOTM (journos) Most Assists Most chances created Most fouls won Most successful take ons Most completed final third passes Surely not THAT bad?
  14. Eric Bailly | 2019/20 Performances

    Ole and Jose agrees with me Luckily I would say. Zero chance Bailly taking Lindelofs place