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  • The day many of you wished for has finally come - Match Day Score Predictions are no longer restricted to just 5 goals... *

    * The timing of this change is purely coincidental and has nothing to do with any perception of underperformance by any team in recent matches or fan pessimism, justified or otherwise, for future matches. (Probably).
  1. Nunez Headbutt

    He played in the Portuguese league for two seasons. Things like that are just a regular Tuesday in our league. The amount of teasing between CB's and forwards is up high.
  2. Italian Serie A 2022/23

    You could always risk on a rough diamond to see if the player evolves. Low risk high reward financially speaking. Someone like Zakharyan or Beltran would be budget acquisitions, but they are actually players with amazing potential to step up.
  3. Italian Serie A 2022/23

    Almost everyone was crap at Juve last season, not really a barometer.
  4. Nunez Headbutt

    After two seasons experiencing the Pepe treatment, and bare in mind that in the Portuguese league man marking like this is just a Tuesday. Maybe he feels too much pressure to impose himself? Because you can check on compilations he got much rougher situations on games vs Porto and didn't react...
  5. Jamie Bynoe-Gittens

    These f****ing regens keep popping up at Dortmund.
  6. Liga Portuguesa 2022/2023

    You could bring both Bourigeaud and Horta with that money.
  7. Liga Portuguesa 2022/2023

    Pick the money and hire Benjamin Bourigeaud and thank me later :cool:
  8. Liga Portuguesa 2022/2023

    Sporting needs to buy fast and solid. But the game vs Porto is going to be tougher now.
  9. Jota- Celtic Player

    It was the best solution for Jota's career. Portuguese clubs are more worried in doing trading in the transfermarket than valuing their youth talent. Unless the player makes imediat impacto like Félix, it won't have a second chance.
  10. Jota- Celtic Player

  11. Lisandro Martínez | 2022/23 Performances

    Height is not the main issue, tbh. A lot of amazing CBs were short (Cannavaro, Cordoba, Puyol, Baresi, etc). Ricardo Carvalho was not that tall for a CB either with 1.82m His positioning is flawed tbh. Dunno if he can improve that much on that.
  12. Do you think we'll see civil unrest?

    Damn. I thought the UK was coping well despite Brexit and the oil crisis (that actually started before the war). I know millions of jobs disappeared with the relocation of some major companies, but wouldn't that bring the living cost down? Inflation has been terrible in Portugal too (almost at...
  13. The Post Trump Presidency | FBI raids Mar-a-Lago

    Unfortunately, they already have a nuclear program allowed by the US and it's allies. Started 2020 for "scientifical purposes".
  14. Is Casemiro the best holding midfielder of all time?

    Casemiro really blossomed at Porto. His beggining was rough and he was placed out of position at times because his composure on the ball was not clicking. But suddenly his mental block just broke and he became a monster in the midfield. And if the team needed he could become a third CB in the...
  15. Erling Haaland | Man City watch

    Not with the right training regime. Pretty sure he will find the right balance on the agility/strength ratio to keep his body away from muscle stress injuries.