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  1. England fans, what is wrong with England fans?

    Now that the dust has settled, I think the worst things that happened were: Littering: your fellow brits really litter a lot, and that's coming from someone who lives in Portugal, where the population is a bit carelless with trash. Storminng the stadium without tickets: this is really...
  2. David Alaba | Real Madrid

    What a terrible piece of business they just made.
  3. Diogo Dalot | 2021/22 Performances

    Sell with a low price and buyback clause. It will be very disappointing for everyone if he doesnt turn into a proper player. When he was an U19 he looked heads and shoulders above everyone else.
  4. Manchester united are interested in Botman

    We just hired Varane, it would be a nonsense hiring.
  5. Raphael Varane | Signed for United!

    No more "not enough class center backs" excuse now on.
  6. Which was better: Van Persie's final season at Arsenal or first season at United?

    They look a bit of different players: in Arsenal he had a more mobile role, being a bit all over the place, and played as winger or support striker, depending the game. In here he was leading our front line and he excelled at it.
  7. Are top flight footballers better than equivalent athletes from other sports?

    Warm up is just physical training, not Judo specific.
  8. Are top flight footballers better than equivalent athletes from other sports?

    We had some football pros coming to our Judo and BJJ club make a training: they were dead by exaustion at the end of the warm up, and during combat training they defaulted after 2 minutes. So, no, not really that impressive.
  9. Alex Telles | 2021/22 Performances

    Roma already hired Vina.
  10. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2021/22 Discussion

    Managers have the most volatile job in the football indústria. Anything more than two years is excessive imho, even for a club legend.
  11. FIFA are considering new football rules

    I actually like the unlimited subs: teams would be playing always 100% effort, because they could rotate their players. No clock stop for needed for substitutions, though, and there would be a substituiton area where players would had to leave the pitch and enter it. The 4th ref would control...
  12. Arsenal 2021/22

    HIring Nuno Tavares actually increases their handicap.
  13. Rafael da Silva on Anderson, Moyes and United

    Anderson dribbling and ball control was amazing in his golden days. And he had quite the pace when on form. One could say he was not hungry enough, but that would be a lie :D
  14. Was Euro 2020 the best Euros ever?

    Euro 1992 due to that elite feeling the Euro had back in the days. Has football grown economically as a business, it has become logistically possible to organize events with much more teams.