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  1. Can Conte win a title for Spurs?

    Not unless he out-lasts Klopp, which he won't.
  2. Utd Kits 22/23

    Wow, that’s beautiful :drool: Put me down as another who’d get that in a heartbeat if it was real.
  3. English Managers

    The man got us Europa League football next season :devil: :D
  4. Juan Mata officially leaves Manchester United

    This is the first of the departures that is actually upsetting, despite the fact that he should've really gone a couple of years ago. Never once questioned his commitment to the club; real shame that we've wasted him the last couple of years. All the best to him :devil:
  5. June internationals (WC qualifiers and Nations League)

    That's a class goal by Ukraine.
  6. Rate Pogba's United career

    I thought I was being generous giving him 3/10 :lol:
  7. The Pogmentary: Never Give Up On Your Dream

    I'd love that :lol:
  8. Jesse Lingard 'to leave on a free'

    "Quite a few #MUFC announcements coming this afternoon..." - guess Lingard will be one of them.
  9. How long will Liverpool's dominance last?

    I expect them to react to the failure of this season the same way they did last time and completely dominate the new season when it starts. If City let them build a lead early doors then it might be very tough for anyone to catch them. The obvious answer to the thread is "for as long as Klopp...
  10. Michael Owen has always been a cringe monster

    Rio taking him apart brilliantly :lol:
  11. Champions League Final: Liverpool v Real Madrid | Hala Madrid!

    Good that Liverpool were able to fill 70% of the stadium to witness this :lol:
  12. Champions League Final: Liverpool v Real Madrid | Hala Madrid!

    What a ball from Modric :drool: