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  1. Casemiro | Here We Go!

    My two cents, Casemiro is the reason for Modric longevity..
  2. Music What are we listening to?

    Fully agree brilliant album.
  3. Music What are we listening to?

    Doolittle is probably one of my top ten albums, learned all the guitars, bass and drums in my young days it's great fun to play. My song today is old Billy..
  4. Will SAF use this moment to speak up?

    His time to do what he wants, if he wants to speak up fine but other than that he has earned his time off.
  5. Malo Gusto

    Don't care but if we can get him and shaft Barca that would do it for me.
  6. What can the Glazers do to appease you? | Poll added

    Selling would help, selling to a good new owner might actually do it.
  7. Casemiro | Here We Go!

    Not getting into this..
  8. BREAKING: Glazers looking to sell off a minority share & bring in a new Investor

    If you look at the numbers they have gone through a lot of cash and don't have much available to pay upfront.
  9. Protest planned ahead of the Liverpool game

    Even less with that other Uruguayan striker/header being suspended.
  10. Casemiro | Here We Go!

    Tell that to Cafu, Carlos, Dani Alves and Fernandinho. Edit I forgot Rivaldo and Romario.
  11. Jim Ratcliffe new United owner.

    Top man, great thread
  12. The constant leaks to the media

    :lol: :lol: They have thrown all types of managers under the bus. Wonder what skills are needed next.