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  1. Erling Haaland | Dortmund player

    How is that not third party ownership?
  2. Erling Haaland | Dortmund player

    The point is that you wouldn't be sorry you signed Haaland either if he tore up the league for three years and then left.
  3. Erling Haaland | Dortmund player

    I am absolutely not sorry that we had Suarez for three years before he left for Barcelona. Same as I am sure you aren't wishing Ronaldo never signed with you in the first place just because he then left for real Madrid.
  4. Kai Havertz

    Everything from the liverpudlian press in recent months has strongly indicated that fees for Havertz and Sancho are just too high for what we want to pay for players like that. So I would take the German reports with a strong grain of salt. Werner though has been reported as already being in...
  5. Bluemoon goes into Meltdown

    Using only quotes from blue moon is a brilliant touch. Great work. :lol:
  6. Erling Haaland | Dortmund player

    That shot for his second. Unreal power and precision with that backlift. Barely noticed he had taken the shot before it was bouncing out of the nets again.
  7. Liverpool - Premier League champions 19/20 Season

    55m. Not much more than Fred But yes he certainly is going under the radar as he's been playing well.
  8. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 18th Mar)

    Bunch of shithouses and a massive homer ref helped them see out the game. Would have been nice to get an away goal, but still would have us as favourites to go through at Anfield. Going to be a very different game.
  9. Liverpool - Premier League champions 19/20 Season

    Not meeting high expectations doesn't mean he is not a good player. It does make some rate him as worse than he is if he is not turning in worldies though.
  10. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 18th Mar)

    This atletico team dives like crazy
  11. Keane joins Sky Sports

    Giggs might have been the best winger in the world for a bit in the early 90s. What was his competition though? Lentini? Someone like Barnes was past his best and a player like Figo not really there yet. Literally can't remember any other top wingers in that period.
  12. Footballers rated higher when active than after

    There was the nutmeg as well. But yeah, of Liverpool players, it was actually Bellamy who had Vidic' number and would run rings around him.
  13. Liverpool - Premier League champions 19/20 Season

    Keita is better than AOC. And will keep getting games ahead of him when both are fit. Just goes to show how the tag he's got skews perception of his performances.
  14. Italian Serie A - 2019-20

    If he hadn't lost his athleticism to injuries, he'd still be be here I reckon. Always rated him. Don't think he could have met Klopp's physical demands in midfield as it is though. Serie A is probably better suited to him now.
  15. Liverpool - Premier League champions 19/20 Season

    Wouldn't call keita a flop. Hasn't hit the expected heights and struggled with injury, but when he's been fit he's put mostly good performances. He's justified getting more performances. Reckon he's got another gear in him.