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  1. Vidic, Terry, Rio, Stam, Van Dijk

    Stam basically had two three seasons at his very peak. After that, he was merely very good.
  2. Trent Alexander Arnold

    He was one of our best in the final third of the season. This season he's only behind Salah for me.
  3. Pep: “I’d like more fans to come Saturday”

    I am quite looking forward to the 40s. Not really missing my 20s.
  4. Barcelona on the brink

    It's a wonder the prem was still a more lucrative league than la liga for the decade that Messi and Ronaldo were there.
  5. Rafa Benitez | Everton Manager (Fachts)

    Benitez said himself that they won the league because the two big ones weren't at their best in those seasons.
  6. The MNF question: 10 minutes left in a game, pick anyone in history to win for you coming off the bench.

    Bierhoff is not a bad shout. I am thinking fat Ronaldo or Suarez. Suarez because I'd want someone to come in with loads of energy, involvement, unpredictability and balls and quality to try something the others haven't and he's all about that. Fat Ronaldo because his individual quality and...
  7. Great article on the rise of the weird online fanbase

    That's why they fired Pulis, wasn't it?
  8. Best Striker in the World

  9. Liverpool 2021/2022

    To be clear, I am not complaining about Jota. I am complaining about the drop from Mane and Firmino. It's no slight on Jota to say he is not as good as peak Mane and Firmino.
  10. Liverpool 2021/2022

    I think he's as great a 4th choice as one could ask for. Really happy we have him. Just not so happy with how the others have fallen behind him. He'd be 4th choice if Firmino and Mane were their old selves. That's the level we should be aiming at.
  11. Liverpool 2021/2022

    Salah looks as good as ever, maybe better. It's the rest of the attack that's a concern. I don't like having Jota as our second best attacker. He's good and all, but he shouldn't be that.
  12. Premier League Gameweek 4

    I think it was literally his 10th finish of the game. Percentages got him there in the end. Hopefully he'll take some confidence from it and recover his composure. It used to be that Mane had the most bottle of anyone in the team. Wth happened.
  13. Premier League Gameweek 4

    Thiago was excellent today.
  14. Premier League Gameweek 4

    It's not their age I am worried about. Mane seems to have lost his head the same way torres did.
  15. Premier League Gameweek 4

    We'll be looking for the next Mane and Salah before they've made it big, I reckon.