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  1. F1 2021 Season

    Teammates could be really important in the title race. Nicking a spot off Verstappen in a race or two could hand Hamilton the title so I suspect it's to let Bottas run at higher engine settings in the last few races.
  2. Conservative MP David Amess stabbed to death

    I think politics has minimal, and often no affect on family and friend life. Politics shouldn't come into how we view this particular death exactly how the poster you responded to originally said.
  3. Conservative MP David Amess stabbed to death

    This is a man who has a family who have lost him and from what we've heard he was a good family man. His politics have pretty much no affect on how he acted in his personal life. There's definitely an issue if people can't disassociate "Tory" from someone who can still be a good person in day to...
  4. Gaming Building a gaming PC

    It's probably the LAN drivers if I was going to take a guess. Google the name of your LAN card from device manager and search for the latest drivers. You can download them on another PC, put them on a USB stick and install them on your PC with LAN disconnected. Then reboot and cross your fingers.
  5. Gaming Building a gaming PC

    Obviously it's a bad PC day today :( You've tried a lot of what I'd do and have pretty much ruled out the RAM, GPU and PSU. It could be an issue with the W10 drivers and a conflict with a piece of hardware you've got, but to solve that you would need to get into Windows to update the drivers...
  6. Gaming Building a gaming PC

    I think it's probably less the motherboard dying and more either the CPU is struggling to contact the memory or settings in the BIOS are not allowing the memory to function correctly. Thinking about it if the BIOS is set to 2166 and the memory is rated higher the SPD profile is very likely to...
  7. Gaming Building a gaming PC

    CPU-Z reads the RAM module for the info, whereas Windows will try and use it. It does seem strange, but a quick Google seems to show up quite a few people getting the issue - although normally it appears it doesn't show in the BIOS either if it doesn't show in Windows but does show in CPU-Z. I...
  8. Gaming Building a gaming PC

    If this has happened since reseating the CPU, I'd take it back out and do it again whilst checking the pins. B7 errors can happen if it's not seated correctly and considering that's the only thing that's changed it is the first thing to check. It's very unlikely it is the memory and even less...
  9. F1 2021 Season

    The difference between this race and the last one was the team got on the radio to Lewis and told him there was more rain coming in the previous race. The change in conditions meant Hamilton would have pitted anyway given that information. Here there was no change in conditions rather than a...
  10. F1 2021 Season

    If the track was getting dryer and they were going to last definitely, as he was almost on slicks anyway for the previous 10 laps.
  11. F1 2021 Season

    Same as the previous race he did it in where he was quicker than the people on new inters due to his tyres working better on a drying track. Was it China?
  12. F1 2021 Season

    Hamilton doing the turning inters into slicks over 50 laps thing for a second time.
  13. Gaming GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas coming out in HD

    Yeah, hopefully they surprise us with something and I'd definitely buy if it is better than current PC builds. On PC, modders ported GTA3 to the GTA V engine and they were shutdown about a year ago, so maybe there is more to it?
  14. Gaming GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas coming out in HD

    It's worth saying that Rockstar are going to stop selling the original trilogy and won't sell this remaster on anything apart from their own store and consoles. That means that mods won't be available on it for PC and existing mods already include ray racing and 4k textures that probably won't...