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  1. Paul Pogba | "Likes Torino"

    To be honest this would be the best case scenario.
  2. Champions League Semi Finals (26th Apr - 4th May)

    And some guys say Ederson is better than De Gea just because he can pass :lol:
  3. Mino Raiola has died

    Reading some of the replies here you would think he was robbing grannies for a living. I would like to see the same energy towards guys like Bezos or other billionaires who enslave people for tiny % of what they’re worth to their company. But yeah, good riddance a guy who’s lost his life at 54...
  4. Mata-Bruno combo

    Bruno in the same sentence when it comes to football IQ as Ronaldo and Mata? Bruno belongs in the Adama Traore category.
  5. Mino Raiola has died

    Couldn’t care less about him/hated him as well as thousands on the caf. Pick one
  6. Mino Raiola has died

    Imagine hating someone you’ve never, hasn’t done anything to you and isn’t a criminal. Some guys really need an identity outside of football.:lol: And I’m in no way his fanboy, my life isn’t affected by this news, as it was also the case when he milked Glazers or other rich owners for million...
  7. Mino Raiola has died

    Didn’t know we had Louis CK here, on Redcafe. At least his functional illiterate version.
  8. Football agent Mino Raiola dies after illness / not dead / who knows?

    Peanuts compared to the money their club make. I’m not a fan of them making the obscene amount of money they currently make, but if the alternative is to have those money go into the owners pockets then I’m content with what they’re earning right now.
  9. Football agent Mino Raiola dies after illness / not dead / who knows?

    Wow, so smart and so funny. Tell the guys who had cardiac arrests while playing football that you prefer them getting peanuts playing for your club so you can cheer Ole’s at the wheel @Samid .. Someone who’s able to understand a text. Thank you!
  10. Football agent Mino Raiola dies after illness / not dead / who knows?

    How was he terrible for the sport? Do you prefer players having cardiac arrests for peanuts while the owners pocket the big money, just to enjoy your club’s success at the expense of players well being? Gosh.
  11. Football agent Mino Raiola dies after illness / not dead / who knows?

    And that’s the most important thing. I never understood the hate against him. It’s better to have the money go to the players, at the end of the day they are the ones who get exploited, not the Glazers or whatever club owner. If the money footballers earn is too much there’s another discussion...
  12. Champions League Semi Finals (26th Apr - 4th May)

    Ederson already made three mistakes, but De Gea is our biggest problem.
  13. Paul Pogba | 2021/22 Performances

    He was right all along. No wonder serious guys like Ibrahimovic, Terry, Inter players who’ve won the UCL all loved him and only snowflakes like Pogba and Shaw made a fuss about his “toxic” behaviour.
  14. 63% of Liverpool squad "asthmatic" - any substance to this article?

    Does anyone still believe that top athletes are not using PEDs? Can anyone say with a straight face that Ronaldo isn’t taking PEDs? Search for South Africa’s rugby world cup winning team dressing room photo and tell me one player who isn’t juiced up. Hell, we’ve had Adama Traore playing week in...
  15. Ronaldo (37) Slaps Phone Out of Child’s (14) Hand - Charity > Assaulting a minor

    A dumb clown kicking a cat for fun with his child and his brother? Just a friendly banter. Someone pissed off reacting in the heat of the moment with a hand slap? Assault.:lol: I’m not even a Ronaldo fan but this is blown out of proportion. He lost is temper in the heat of the moment, not a...