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  1. The “Ole doesn’t have the players to work with” myth

    What? Poch has taken Spurs to such a high level since taking over.
  2. If Poch takes over, how does he fix this mess?

    Quite easily really. He’s a good coach. Ole is the probably one of the worst managers I’ve ever seen in the PL. Just horrible. Legend always will be but I will be happy to see him sacked. There is no such thing as ‘time’ in football it’s a complete myth. You get time if you can see there’s...
  3. Football Manager 2020

    If you buy this do you get the option to play the full mode and a quicker one? I remember this was an option a few years ago but I see they have a touch version now for a little cheaper so do you essentially have to buy them separately?
  4. Jadon Sancho

    He isn’t a kid anymore. Age is irrelevant it’s completely about experience. He’s an international in his 2nd season playing regularly. Amazing talent. Sign.
  5. McTominay - what’s his potential?

    He has the drive and desire needed. People always overlook those two attributes when assessing a player. Talent means nothing without work.
  6. Is this the best (most promising) England squad (inc manager) we've had?

    As an outsider (Scottish) this is the first time an England team has actually been decent to watch. The ‘golden generation’ had a lot of hype but the football you played was shite because you had terrible managers. This is the best I’ve seen England the attack is so vibrant. The midfield is...
  7. Are Spurs the dirtiest club in the league?

    Not a red. Bad luck. Horrible scenes. Move on.
  8. Doctor Sleep. (The Shining - sequel)

    You need The Shining in your head imo.
  9. Saudi Takeover - Claim deal done

    Idealistic to say the least and not how the world works unfortunately.
  10. Saudi Takeover - Claim deal done

    No it isn’t. I just don’t understand people with your mentality. It’s not arrogance to demand the best it’s what winners do. It isn’t given to you you earn it with hard work and high demands. We don’t need their money we need an owner who will actually let us use the wealth we’ve built up and be...
  11. Saudi Takeover - Claim deal done

    We are one of the biggest clubs in the world, so yes we do. You think Real or Barca would stand for the shambles we’ve been watching? Whose who can see this realise we deserve better.
  12. Saudi Takeover - Claim deal done

    You aren’t supporting them you’re supporting Man Utd. It doesn’t mean you agree with what the owners have done.
  13. Saudi Takeover - Claim deal done

    It’s either this or we continue to be run into the ground and robbed of our true standing as a top club.
  14. Fred | 2019/20 Performances

    Wish he had a decent touch.
  15. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    Love him but he needs more desire in his game.