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  • VDG was bang on, when he was the manager he wanted some major signings, he told Ed this is a big club we need to think like a big club the way we carry on is embarrasing, we act like a 2 bob club trying to scrounge for pennies behind the sofa
  • tbh im bored with this saga.. if Dortmund arent playing ball, i would go for Bale (if reports are right that RM would let him go for 20-30m)for next season or two and then get sancho then, hes still young, plenty of time left..
  • this is England 2020 what is embarrasing to me is, that Poverty even exists in this country, we are one of the worlds richest countries yet we wont do anything about it..we still have money to spend money on things we dont need to spend money...
  • think the main headline is, they actually bought girls back to their room, in this day and age that aint normal!!
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    i think the worse for Messi has already happened. He got some proper legal advice instead of his brother who is his "adviser" and his dad the Agent, who took one look at his contract and said Messi, you aint got a leg to stand on mate, you missed...
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    Am i being naive here. i always thought the player was an employee of the club, not the other way around. for Messi to tell his employers they need to go???? truly the player is bigger than the club in this instance
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    they probably did, over 5 years its not a lot relatively speaking.. sheikhs reall thing is now, a a rebuild costs major money, if they do make money from a messi sale, every other club will want premium prices, just the way Liverpool mugged...