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  1. Every team that won the league had a top class goalkeeper

    How often do we see a team who has their GK suspended put the 2nd or 3rd choice keeper in and still win the game, I've seen it happen from the PL right down to the Conference Leagues where they can't afford 2 keepers so throw a youth team goalkeeper in. A solid, hard working defence can make it...
  2. Unpopular opinion - Daniel James is not very good

    I think he's the type of player where if you are 1-0 up and want to wear the opposition down in the last 10 minutes you can bring Dan James on and watch them chase him round the pitch.
  3. Wayne Rooney retires from football - permanent Derby manager

    Wayne has turned into Mark Hughes, who remembers when he was at QPR, bottom of the league and the BBC asked if his job was at risk... he replied with "who else they gonna get" haha, think he said something similar at Stoke or Southampton too. I know he's not taking the full wages at the minute...
  4. Jose Mourinho - Roma manager (from 2021-22 season)

    Wow! how bothered do the Roma players and staff look about a friendly match in that video :) you'd think it was Roma V Lazio!
  5. Community Shield is today. Leicester v Man City.

    Pep got a yellow card, he was very animated on the touchline, City fans will claim it's only the community shield but Pep wouldn't have been so animated if he wasn't arsed about it. Once they went behind they couldn't get control of the ball and looked lost. Lee Dixon said if City sign Harry...
  6. Manchester United sues Football Manager makers over use of name

    I wonder if this would have happened if Football Manager was a free game or even just a bit cheaper, there are many people out there who can't afford to buy the latest version.
  7. The bizarre panic about players not being ready for the new season

    For me pre season isn't about results, it's about fitness first and secondly getting to know their team mates, getting to know each others games, ensuring that they are ready to get off to a good start.
  8. Vaccination of Squad

    "sack em if they don't get vaccinated" FFS some people live in the dark ages. Vaccines are great but we also know the more people vaccinated the more it can force the virus into mutating into a variant that evades the vaccine - so when people say getting the vaccine will help end all this -...
  9. Predict when United will spend £100m+ on a player

    Never I hope, I would rather we buy quality young players and develop them along with players from our own academy into players who are worth 100m. For me football isn't about buying the finished article at mega prices, I get more enjoyment from watching a young player grow, develop and...
  10. Lionel Messi \ Signs for PSG

    He's been out of contract for some time... They are now saying he's leaving... They say they wanted him to stay... They say he wanted to stay. As a free agent Barca can sign him anytime they want? the transfer deadline doesn't apply... So I think he will stay as I just can't see Mr Barcelona's...
  11. Premier League ain’t ready for bald Martial

    If I recall rightly, Louis Saha was bald like that once and they look similar.
  12. Phil Jones

    :lol: phrase of the day haha.
  13. Kane goes Awol

    Disgusting! If Harry Kane is refusing to go into training to force through a transfer then whoever is advising him is an absolute disgrace, agents have far too big an influence in our game and it's about time rules were put into place to limit that, not just with an established player like Harry...
  14. Last Man Standing 2021/22 | 551 competitors, down to 216. Entry closed.

    Game Week (1) Chelsea Game Week (2) Brentford Game Week (3) Leicester
  15. RIP Terry Cooper

    RIP Terry, a very genuine and sincere character outside of football too.