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  1. Sky Sports cancels Sunday Supplement

    That's why I prefer the old time journalists. A lot came from the school of hard knocks. The managers and players trusted them. I wouldn't trust some of this lot.
  2. Sky Sports cancels Sunday Supplement

    Think when it first started the journos still had a good relationship with the players, they were more interested in reporting the actual football. The new ones are more interested in scandal.
  3. Manchester United vs LASK

    It's the LASK players who are trying to impress their new manager. Martial gets what could be the winner.
  4. Manchester United vs LASK

    Martial and Mengi coming on.
  5. Manchester United vs LASK

    How do you think in a game with mostly second string players, in a game that is won already? Let's just say some have not made a good case for themselves, but it is minutes on the clock for them.
  6. Sky Sports cancels Sunday Supplement

    Think Jeff Stelling is past his sell buy date as well. They need guys who have just recently left the game. Not ones who still think breaking someone leg is letting him know you are there.
  7. Manchester United vs LASK

    Chong on for Williams.
  8. Manchester United vs LASK

    Poor Bailly and his bangs on the head.
  9. Manchester United vs LASK

    He was.
  10. Manchester United vs LASK

    Pogba on for Jesse, Pereira for Fred.
  11. Sky Sports cancels Sunday Supplement

    They need Soccer Saturday, but it needs a complete overhaul. I actually watch the BT version and enjoy it more, they also keep you in touch with other league abroad who are playing at the same time. The Soccer Saturday pundits are only there for comedy value as they have no knowledge of the...
  12. Manchester United vs LASK

    Jesse equalises. :lol:
  13. Manchester United vs LASK

    Chris Sutton, the other is Steve Bower who was on MUTV.
  14. Manchester United vs LASK

    You worry about offside after you put the ball in the net.
  15. Manchester United vs LASK

    LASK score.