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  1. Tennis 2022

    Reminds me of the days of Jim Courier and Pete Sampras. Boring to watch and demoralising for Murray.
  2. Who will be the surprise inclusion in the team?

    Rashford. Has ability, just needs the Ten Hag attitude .
  3. Transfer Tweets - Manchester United - 2022/23 | Follow the rules in the OP

    So Utd have signed a new solicitor whilst City and Liverpool strengthen. Makes sense.
  4. Frenkie de Jong

    I’m not convinced anything is happening. I think Utd made an enquiry, FDJ said he wasn’t interested and that was that. Ongoing saga is just manufactured by journos for click bait.
  5. Have we signed anyone yet? Summer 2022 edition: We got activity 28/06

    I know it’s a childish emotion, but after the sh1tshow endured by the fans this season, I would have expected the board to move quickly in the window to make a statement & boost the optimism amongst us. Silly me. I know the window has just opened but honestly I don’t really get a vibe that any...
  6. Phil Jones | 2021/22 Performances

    Not giving it any credit to be honest. Only passing on what he posted.
  7. Phil Jones | 2021/22 Performances

    Friend of mine saying he heard a rumour linking Jones with Bordeaux.
  8. Frenkie de Jong

    Seeing the amount of activity on this thread today, fully expected that something had happened. Have Utd prepared a bid?
  9. June internationals (WC qualifiers and Nations League)

    Was definitely a penalty.
  10. Northern Ireland Thread

    Boil away! I’ve never been to an AOH event so can’t comment, have you? As for a GAA crowd, I wouldn’t class a gathering of fans to watch sports as equivalent to an Orange Lodge. Particularly when the majority of groups attending are families of all ages. Far more likely to hear those sort of...
  11. Northern Ireland Thread

    What is abundantly clear is there are plenty of cnuts in both sections of the community. They should always be called out for it.
  12. Northern Ireland Thread

    I’m calling BS on this. I live 3 miles from Greysteel and have a lot of connections with Faughanvale GAC. There is a strong rivalry between Derry & Tyrone alright, but it never leaves the park. Feels a bit like someone is trying to deflect blame by creating rumours such as this within the PUL...