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  1. Television Hustle (Netflix)

    Watchable for the basketball scenes, which are well done. Story line is standard formula, with some cheese on top. But why would somebody used to hustling on the street be thrown off by trash talk?
  2. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    No and no. I have never called for an attack against Russia. Ukraine is not Russia, or do you believe it is? I am calling for an military intervention that will include attacks on the Russian invaders. This does not by any means guarantee a nuclear war.
  3. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    No, I do not prefer a nuclear war. However, we can't continue to let Russia use the threat of nukes to prevent us from intervening. Because Russia will just keep going, and it will keep getting worse and worse. The longer we wait, the higher the price will be.
  4. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Yes, because the alternative is worse.
  5. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Russia blockading Ukraine's Black Sea ports affects the whole world, and is enough reason for the west/NATO to get stuck in there. For instance, Sweden is not even a member of NATO but if Russia tried to invade Gotland then NATO would intervene in minutes because of the strategic importance of...
  6. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    It would be bad form to come empty handed.
  7. Ryanair Afrikaans test: South African fury over language quiz

    There was a time, in Ryanair’s infancy, where all publicity was good publicity. I doubt this holds true now.
  8. Champions League Final: Liverpool v Real Madrid | Hala Madrid!

    Excellent final. Courois insanely good.
  9. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    If you still get the harshest possible punishment, why would any of the following hundreds of POWs awaiting trial do the same?
  10. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    I don't know if "life" actually means "for life" in the Ukrainian penal code. But the fact that he pleaded guilty and expressed regret ought to have given him some leniency (but still a long prison sentence, obviously). It is a good strategy to conduct trials while the war is ongoing. Russian...
  11. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    So that is why they are stealing all those washing machines.
  12. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Some units could still be more disciplined than others, so the map might not be as useful as you think.
  13. Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester United

    He is struggling in this game for sure. Getting outmuscled every time.
  14. Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester United

    Should be a red 100%