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  1. Jack Monroe - The Bootstrap Cook

    Quite the dossier
  2. F1 2022 Season

  3. F1 2022 Season

    Nope, just Albon staying for 2023. Anti-climax.
  4. F1 2022 Season

    Piastri announcement for Williams? :lol:
  5. Dean Henderson | Nottingham Forest loan watch | Calls out United

    Henderson has a rather inflated opinion of himself. Sounds like we're better off without that kind of toxic profile in the dressing room.
  6. F1 2022 Season

    Piastri making a name for himself already, if he doesn’t deliver next season then the memes will be out in force. Vettel must be wondering what the hell he’s started now:lol:
  7. F1 2022 Season

    It depends on how Sargeant does in F2 this year, if he fails to get ahead of Drugovic or Pourchaire in the title race then I could see him doing another season in F2. It would leave Latifi as a favourite and possibly Nyck De Vries as a left field choice.
  8. F1 2022 Season

    Well that moved quickly. Looks like Danny Ric will remain at McLaren next year. Leaves Alpha Tauri to confirm the second seat with Gasly, Haas on Schumacher, and Williams on the Latifi seat I think?
  9. F1 2022 Season

    Their view probably was Piastri in a seat like Williams will be better grounding and experience for him as a driver before coming into the fold a year later. Alonso is 41, it makes better commercial sense to offer him a 1 year deal whilst he's at the end of career (ability aside) with a year...
  10. F1 2022 Season

    The subsidy is very little (up to $15m in the first three years) in the context of the overall cost. I think the reason why they've announced the extension is that the protests that would come from the other engine manufacturers, mostly Alpine, around the Honda IP transferring to Porsche at the...
  11. F1 2022 Season

    That will be the likely move, Piastri to McLaren and Ricciardo to Alpine on greatly reduced terms from when he left them.
  12. F1 2022 Season

    Surprising move given the timing of the decision. It’s clear that Alonso wanted a longer term deal and Alpine weren’t giving it. Aston Martin have the money and people to start making strides forward over the coming season, Dan Fallows has the competency to get that car further up the grid than...
  13. F1 2022 Season

    Max was unstoppable today, Ferrari throwing away a championship here. Solid result again for Merc.
  14. F1 2022 Season

    Spoke too soon…
  15. F1 2022 Season

    Blimey - no accidents in the first lap, a rarity for Hungary.