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  1. Arsenal vs Dundalk - 29/10/2020 8.00pm

    St Pats Athletic played Spurs in Europa group stage in 2011 I think.
  2. Top English Clubs in talks to join FIFA European PL to replace UEFA CL | 27th October: Bartomeu says Barcelona have accepted to join it

    Ironic that Serie A and La Liga are looking most competitive for a long while this season (only 6-7 games in but from what I've seen Barca, Real Madrid and Juve are going to be dropping plenty more points than on average). Rather than any financial controls on clubs it's more the pandemic...
  3. Champions League | Matchday 2

    Madrid save themselves. Had 1 point from their first 2 games last year and they still got comfortably through in the end.
  4. Champions League | Matchday 2

    Has Thuram been called up by France yet? Could have a late run into the euros squad.
  5. Zidane watch

    They played in Uefa cup last in mid 90s IIRC. Can't remember them ever going out of CL since they made it group stages although they had that 6-7 year run of always losing in last 16.
  6. Zidane watch

    Would he really survive a dump into the europa? Infact even that's not certain at all. Was expecting Real Madrid to be in weak group but seen they've still got to play Inter Milan twice so finishing bottom and being out of europe by xmas is very realistic if they don't turn it round and get a...
  7. SARS CoV-2 coronavirus / Covid-19 (No tin foil hat silliness or memes please)

    You're not far off summer now so that should help aswell?
  8. Premier League Gameweek 6

    Well yeah Everton is the most important one so far I think. You'd be facing sides of that quality on a weekly basis from December and they were deserved winners in that game.
  9. Italian Serie A - 2020-2021

    Veretout bit like Bruno Fernandes on the penalties, think he's scored his last 7-8. Milan are doing more than o.k considering the guff they've largely served up over last 5 years. Would have Inter as favourites this season. Got a good run of games up to January.
  10. Premier League Gameweek 6

    Was it only 1-2 when Martial red happened? Doubt you'd have got close to wracking up that score playing 11 men but of course very good win. When he last won the league with Chelsea in 14/15 he was parking the bus at likes of Emirates and grabbing a 0-0 so don't see why he'd change a habit of a...
  11. Premier League Gameweek 6

    They'll win a few of the home games I suspect. They did beat Arsenal, Leicester and Man. City at home in second half of last season so their home form was good in the end and will surely balance out this season before too long. What will stop them challenging for the league though is imo...
  12. Premier League Gameweek 6

    Southampton won there in the only other home game they've played. Actually think they might be a bit of a Bournemouth this year, hit the wall with their style and get relegated.
  13. Premier League Gameweek 6

    They're well in the top 4 race. I've changed my mind on them and would be surprised if they don't make the top 4 this season. Does seem a bit of a bizarre way on here to push them as title favourites everytime they're winning a game. Guess they're seen as lesser evil or the Mourinho fans...
  14. Premier League Gameweek 6

    City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Leicester and Wolves all within 7 games is as tough as it gets this season particularly with europa into the mix (although Spurs will surely be through so can put B teams from round 4). Man. City surely will have hit their stride in a months time and Chelsea...
  15. Premier League Gameweek 6

    Brighton and West Brom up next so good chance to firmly establish yourself in top 4 by time December hits. You have mad run of games from that point against basically every single good team in this league.