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  1. La liga 2021/22

    Very good win for Madrid that, they usually suffer in Mestalla. Think they'll win La Liga comfortably.
  2. Italian Serie A - 2021-2022

    Have Juventus ever not won their first four league games in a season before?
  3. Nuno Espírito Santo: Spurs' Manager

    Look at what else they could've appointed though. Paulo Fonseca, Gattuso etc. Benitez probably would've been logical appointment but he'd probably do similar job to Nuno given his style. Spurs peaked 3-4 years ago under Poch but they're just a europa league chasing team now. It can get worse...
  4. Chelsea 2021/22 - Super Cup Champions of Europe

    In other seasons I'd say yes for sure but Jorginho has been in god mode last 6 months and Kovacic has his excellent games so not as crucial as recent seasons he has to play every single week.
  5. Chelsea 2021/22 - Super Cup Champions of Europe

    Will get 90 + points this season. Only issue I think though is if Silva or Lukaku get injured for a few months as with either out for that timespan can see a few narrow wins becoming draws. Team to beat this season and not many will from what we've seen so far.
  6. Harry Kane MBE | Performances

    He simply dosen't want to be there anymore. Will still be professional and score goals but can see that extra 10% isn't there this season. When people were lauding Levy for his stance the reality is Spurs are still likely to finish 7th-8th and win nothing yet again and will just have to do...
  7. Premier League game week 5

    Chelsea strolled this second half.
  8. Tottenham Hotspur 2021-22

    Watching Kane this season is like a player handing in his notice, properly going through the motions now. Only another 8 months to go Harry..... His numbers will still probably be decent but his heart isn't it anymore, that's clear from last few weeks. Perhaps Man. United will be option next...
  9. Premier League game week 5

    Chelsea quietly having the sort of start they had in the Mourinho title winning seasons. Draw at Liverpool in the circumstances was very acceptable aswell. Not like they've had an easy fixture list either. Team to beat. Spurs already dropping down to 7th-8th. Pretty clueless what to do if you...
  10. Premier League game week 5

    I assume something happened in previous Spurs-Chelsea game but can't recall anything. Randomly remember Rudiger was calling out some fans who shouted racist stuff in this fixture two years ago but don't think anyone was ever charged. Don't think he's getting booed.
  11. Premier League game week 5

    Superb at reading the game. First couple of yards in his head and all that. Chelsea get 30 starts out of him this season and they win the league imo.
  12. Premier League game week 5

    West Ham.:lol::lol::lol: Actually did fancy De Gea to save his first penalty since 2016.
  13. Premier League game week 5

    What a strike. Still bemused West Ham didn't sign Lingard for 20m +. They spent that on Zouma even though their CBs were good last season.
  14. Premier League game week 5

    All I'm seeing for last 15 minutes is Rice breezing through them time and again. I mean McTominay has good games and Fred seems to have improved from first 18 months but would take Chelsea's midfield options all day long. Pogba in middle two will also have some very good games but others when...
  15. Norwich City 21/22

    They really should stop messing about and get in some experienced CB. Really think someone like Gary Cahill on one year deal is what they need but then Farke parks his defence 40 yards from goal so he'd get exposed compared to what Palace played last few seasons. Some of the goals they give...