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  • When a team needs to, it feels like they can make 10-15 minutes of a football match just disappear with no events in it at all. Lyon are doing this well right now.
  • Wonder if Dybala and Stuart Broad share some DNA, something similar in their faces, if not their height.
  • He’s an excellent player, very very quick too. He needs a leader next to him and he’s had a bad night.
  • Did one match have a drinks break and the other not?
  • I realised as I was writing it that this maybe wasn’t the best connection between players. I just feel his nationality is part of the hype, I keep seeing people saying “He’ll be England’s number one before long” when he currently isn’t, it all...
  • That does! I think he has good attributes and could well be a good all-rounder, but that a lot of people may be simply going “anyone but DeGea”, which, well, careful what you wish for. English keepers have flattered to deceive with spells of...
  • 49% Henderson. How many have seriously watched him this season to come to that conclusion? Very few I’d suggest. He’s been fine but he hasn’t pulled up any trees.
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    Quite simply, we have no idea what may have been happening in the home in a child protection sense and this argument about England as a developed country is irrelevant to that. That said he still had every opportunity to make it and at some...
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    It hasn’t been cursed, it’s just been given to players, except Valencia, who don’t deserve to play as flair attackers for Man Utd! Sancho will come in and own it, I’m certain.
  • Hurrah! I enjoy three, each sub is an important tactical move by the manager, more is at stake with each change.
  • Agreed, he is not a high quality player in that midfield for them.
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    100% like Rooney, he ran himself into the ground in his years of intense play and for those shorter players apart from Ribery I can’t think of too many who did that and had long careers, the latter never being a goal scoring monster either. Messi...
  • At another club.
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    Sanchez to be confirmed as an Inter player tomorrow. Someone give Conte a medal.
  • I understand the “pace off the bench” argument in the championship. For the PL it should be “quality off the bench”. I like James but he has looked shellshocked for a fair bit of the season. That said, he seems an honest lad and I’m sure he’s...