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  1. How long did it take you

    I wouldn't have given him the job in the first place. I was very happy with the results for awhile in 2019 and it was good to see the team happy again. But after the PSG game it became obvious that it was just a very long new manager bounce. When he got the job permanently, I didn't agree but I...
  2. Next Manager

    Are you saying we should bring back Moyes?
  3. Jadon Sancho | 2021/22 Performances

    I didn’t fully watched the game yesterday but but every time I looked he was better then what I saw in previous games. Not brilliant yet, but he looked more active, worked harder, had some good passes and shots. Looked more confident as well. So I was surprised to see so many negative comments...
  4. Jadon Sancho | 2021/22 Performances

    He was fecking sick, didn't want an extended holiday.
  5. The Make A Fecking Sub Ole Thread

    I honestly believe that Ole know more about football than I or most of the posters here, but I have no idea what was his plan with these subs today. Maybe someone could nicely explain? So AWB was out, he subbed on Dalot as RB for an underperforming RW, I can understand this. Dalot can even play...
  6. Young Boys vs Manchester United

    So we continue without forwards?
  7. Team Pre-Season Meal

    Yes, all subjective. Maybe McDonalds is actually good food and those bocuse d'or winner no nothing about the profession.
  8. Team Pre-Season Meal

    I normally order water but sometimes I want something different. Why does it bother people if I don’t want to take extra 300kcal after that 1000kcal burger?
  9. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

    So kids can just decide what they want to drink and eat nowadays? When I was 11, my parents simply said that I can’t drink coke so I didn’t drink coke. I did complain a bit, but this was the rule.
  10. Team Pre-Season Meal

    Or maybe you know that the burger contains at least 1000 kcal so you don’t want to take another pointless 300 kcal woth the coke if the diet version tastes almost the same.
  11. New Kits 22/23

    Why do we use two different fonts?
  12. Marc Bola charged by FA over nine-year-old social media post

    I didn’t say I want to I just don’t get why it’s worse than people of colour. Uses colour the same way.
  13. Marc Bola charged by FA over nine-year-old social media post

    Ahham, and how is people of colour still acceptable? I don’t get why coloured is imperfect, I prefer coloured things over white things. And how is black and white better? It implies that black is somehow worse, doesn’t it? No matter what word you use, someone very sensitive will always think you...
  14. Marc Bola charged by FA over nine-year-old social media post

    He needs to keep up but why does he need to keep up? Why do we have to change what’s acceptable and what isn’t? Ok, don’t use n words but what’s wrong with the other words?
  15. Internationals September (World Cup Qualifiers)

    You know this kind of stereotypes are what cause racism and xenophobia as well.