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  1. Saúl Ñíguez

    Saul's a fantastic player. Would absolutely be perfect for our side. You cant just have a starting 11 anymore. We've seen that this year. Saying that, if he's the type of character to announce his transfer on twitter and teasing the shit out of his current club, he's not exactly the type of...
  2. Lee Sharpe on the Man United podcast.

    Surprised they released this one, knowing how our media channels like to sugar coat and rewrite history. Sharpe essentially alledges that Fergie bullied him at the club, and how its affected him as an adult in later life. Great chat, but kinda sad. He says every time he scored, the manager...
  3. 21 years ago at this very moment

    Drink it in
  4. Euro 96 - Why didn't Beckham and Scholes go?

    Venables picked Mark Wright for fecks sake. He was 36, only to get injured and be replaced by Steve Howey. Just off the back of collapsing in the centre of Newcastles defence. Pallister and May would have been better choices than both. Venables had his side, and he wasnt going to take any...
  5. Was the Berbatov signing a mistake?Shouldnt we have just signed Tevez?

    If we never signed Berbatov, it didnt make a blind bit of difference regarding any possible Tevez deal. We sold Ronaldo in 2009. If we wanted to, we could have signed Tevez. I never get the whole "is it Berba or Tevez" discussion. The discussion really should be "why didnt we replace Ronaldo...
  6. Irwin vs Evra

    91-99 achieved more than that. From Rotterdam to the Camp Nou. Irwin was world class for the whole of it.
  7. Rank United's Goalkeepers over the years

    That's like saying the Beatles havent done much recently. The fact he had massive games from the start of his career until his last game should tell you a lot about him.
  8. Rank United's Goalkeepers over the years

    Player of the year in a period where the other one was Luke Shaw. He's a great keeper, but its not like you'd have a major task replacing him. He's essentially a shot stopper, whose defenders tend to shit themselves because he has no command of his area.
  9. Rank United's Goalkeepers over the years

    You can argue VDS could spot trouble coming, this didnt rely on reactions. Ferdinand and Evra have both said that VDS was like a centre half in between the sticks.
  10. Rank United's Goalkeepers over the years

    De Gea's also played with top centre halfs for Spain as well. And let them down badly in some big games. Van Der Sar made the defenders in front of him better. There's no evidence that De Gea does. Even with better defenders in front of him, take Van Der Sar out of our 06-11 side and results...
  11. Rank United's Goalkeepers over the years

    Goalkeeping isnt just about spectacular saves. Van Der Sar was like a coach from behind the back four. A carming influence, talking the defenders through their positioning and helping their concentration. When it comes to shot stopping, De Gea is ahead of VDS. When it comes to just about every...
  12. Razor Ruddock threatens to beat up Paul Merson on podcast ...

    It isnt a podcast. Its a TV series following fat or old footballers around to have a match in France. Judging by the last series, this is staged. Its on ITV this Monday. Example, they had a match with Germany on the last series and England won 4-2. I mean, come on!
  13. Luke Chadwick: "cruel jokes made me stay in the house."

    You can walk around on your merry way knowing your parents are probably not going to see the abuse you get by some faceless people on social media. A massive difference when in the pre-twitter world you see famous comedians, who you are paying your TV license to slagging your son off for how he...
  14. Luke Chadwick: "cruel jokes made me stay in the house."

    Its more the target of the jokes, more than the jokes themselves. Dwight Yorke and David Beckham are sort of fair play. They're big names, they put themselves out there, they'll take whatever shit given to them. The likes of Jason Lee and Luke Chadwick are hardly such easy targets, its pathetic.
  15. Luke Chadwick: "cruel jokes made me stay in the house."

    I disagree. You can turn twitter off. The BBC used to roast him every week on a show that got millions of viewers. A 19 year old kid. It was so uncall for.