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  1. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2019/2020

    Greenwood to score a brace against Villa is 12/1 on skybet. Those odds seem far too high after scoring 3 goals in his last 2 games.
  2. Is this the best starting 11 we've had post Ferguson?

    All Brighton did yesterday was sit back and defend. They struggled to get out of their own half, especially in the first 30 minutes.
  3. Bruno Fernandes | 2020 Performances

    I wouldn't be willing to swap Bruno for any player in the league. De Bruyne is the better player but he's 4 years older.
  4. Pick your united flop 11

    Picking Mata is extremely harsh. Regularly played out of position by 3 different managers and has never once kicked up a fuss about it. Over the years he's produced moments of quality more often than most.
  5. Pick your united flop 11

    GK: Taibi RB: Darmian CB: Jones CB: Rojo LB: Buttner RW: Bebe CM: Schneiderlin CM: Veron LW: Di Maria ST: Sanchez ST: Falcao
  6. Michael Owen is such a cringeworthy scrote, isn't he?

    When the penalty was given: Lineker, Hargreaves & Rio all cheer, followed by Owen saying “that was never a penalty”. Then when Rashford scores the pen, Lineker, Hargreaves & Rio all stand up and cheer whilst Owen sits there with his arms, crossed shaking his head.
  7. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2019/2020

    I’ve been having some success with BTTS in the MLS over the past couple of weekends. I’m backing FC Dallas to win and BTTS in their game vs NYC on Saturday. Odds are 11/2. Dallas last 4 games: 2-2 draw, 2-0 win, 3-2 win, 3-2 win.
  8. Fantasy Premier League 19/20

    No, it will only be counted within this gameweek if the fixture is rescheduled for a date before the weekend commencing 22nd February.
  9. Christian Eriksen | Signs for Inter

    Why aren't we pursuing a holding midfielder?! We all know Pogba is too ill-disciplined to play deeper. Surely Ole can't be happy with the Matic-Mctominay partnership. Right now there are mid table teams who can field a stronger midfield two than ours.
  10. Paulo Dybala

    I think you completely overlooked his valid point about how Dybala will not play regular first team football at Juventus
  11. Juventuz goes into meltdown

    If you feed him 3 times then he will score once.
  12. Harry Maguire | Signed

    Can anyone find a clip of Maguire's red card vs Burnley in March? I can't find it anywhere on Youtube but I remember watching Match of the Day at the time and thinking that's a prime example of why we shouldn't be signing him for a world record fee. Maguire is error-prone (albeit not as...
  13. Why did we phase out or sell X player?

    Rafael. He would've been a better option than Young or Darmian these past 2 years. Plus I always got the feeling that he cared about the club when he was here. We could've done with some of his passion last season when so many players were downing tools.
  14. Harry Maguire | Signed

    I have a theory that Man City feign interest in players who wouldn't get into their first team (Sanchez, Fred, Maguire) just so their rivals bid an extortionate amount for them.
  15. Marcus Rashford signs new deal with United | 4yr + 1

    Rashford hasn't released a public statement claiming that the ambition of the club doesn't meet his. Given how it was Man City who Rooney was allegedly threatening to join, that made matters 10 times worse.