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  1. Are we too emotional with Managers?

    Sack Woodward, Sell United
  2. Sevilla vs Manchester United

    We've shown an ability to grind out games, lately, too.
  3. How many of you will buy the new United home jersey?

    I knew if I read through everything, I'd find a few on the same page as me. I'm a Ford guy, have been since my dad gave me his 1979 F-150 to drive around shortly after I got my license. Of course, I'm driving a VW Passat TDI right now... :lol:
  4. Sevilla vs Manchester United

    While I disagree that he'll play that lineup... it's a very good one that I'd love to see. It becomes VERY offensive very quickly, which is why he probably wouldn't go there with Williams. If Shaw were available, though... :devil:
  5. Post match vs FC Copenhagen

    Read the post I to which I was responding... and then reread my entire response.
  6. Post match vs FC Copenhagen

    Their goalkeeper set a Europa League record for saves in a game (and several of them were worldies), but we did very little in making actual chances...
  7. Rashford's lack of willingness to dribble is causing us problems and Shaw's absence is exposing it

    Was thinking about Rashford this morning and I do think it's mostly mental. Let's look at the big picture: Rashford started his upward trend after Martial and Pogba got injured. Martial gets healthy and Bruno comes in, but then Rashford gets injured. All this time, Greenwood starts ramping up...
  8. Ole's Squad Management

    That is absolutely not what I'm saying. What I am saying is that when you sub in players, you hope that the rest of the team brings them up, rather than them bringing the rest of the team down. But if a coach doesn't rely on individual brilliance, then why bother bringing in quality players...
  9. Ole's Squad Management

    Every. Single. Time. It's how it always goes. If you're totally honest, you cannot criticize both the lack of depth in the squad AND Ole's rotational tendencies AND the results that follow (which are generally wins and draws in spite of everything). Debate all you want, but if you recognize...
  10. Post match vs FC Copenhagen

    Honestly, I thought we played well. Created chances. Copenhagen played blinding defense and their goalkeeper exhibited god-like skills today. They have speed. Other than that, there were generally ineffective and our defense held. Say what you want about individual moments, our defensive...
  11. Post match vs FC Copenhagen

    Had Beelzebub himself not imbued their goalkeeper with his power, we'd have score 4 or 5 more goals. How many games have we won this season 1-0 on a pen? Still in it, though, so onward and upward!
  12. Manchester United vs FC Copenhagen

    Lindelof giving Williams the what-for...
  13. Manchester United vs FC Copenhagen

    Wish granted.