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  1. Variable Formation Draft - Big Dunk vs General Elegancia

    It's 4 am in Thailand and I'm still not sleeping( due to watching Liverpool ahaha). I think I should go to bed now. Today, I have some works at my own company. Will answer everyone questions in several hours.
  2. Variable Formation Draft - Big Dunk vs General Elegancia

    TEAM GENERAL Basic Tbh, I don't know which formations Edgar sent to you(Big Dunk). So, I will talk about basic principles of my team only. Edgar sent me 3-5-2 formation. It's very hard to guess which formations Edgar sent to you and every formations have different ways of playing . We will...
  3. Italian Serie A - 2021-2022

    Theo Hernandez’s goal is one of the best goals that I’ve ever seen from left-back position. Fierce, power, techniques and shooting accuracy, this goal has it all. He needs to develop a bit in term of calming presence in decision making especially not playing too fast . In future, I’m guarantee...
  4. Has a team ever won three trophies without scoring a goal?

    Thanks, mate Chelsea is always hard for us. Tbh, I always respect United’s mentality especially in the previous decade ( like Keane,Big Pete and a lot of players), they never gave up anything. Ten Hag’s first match will kick-off at my home country and I’m excite to watch it.
  5. Why are Pep and Klopp so dominant in the EPL?

    And that’s a key why City has almost 60 percents to 70 percents possessions every game. There are a lot of evidences to support my theory about Pep’s tactical fouls. You know that City’s attackers must learn how to defense, tackles, interception and making fouls in a proper way. They have...
  6. Variable Formation Draft

    Okay Slam Dunk :):D
  7. Variable Formation Draft

    Jairzinho @harms
  8. Variable Formation Draft

    De Bryune in god mode, mate Masterclass by Big dunk :)
  9. Facts about football that shouldn't be true - but are

    I hope that Daniel will become great player like his father and grandfather. Tbh, Daniel needs to improve himself a lot. It’s impossible that he will reach his father level but at least I hope he will be at starter level( which right now, he isn’t).
  10. Variable Formation Draft

    One of the best strikers in this planet, Robert Lewandowski @BIG DUNK
  11. General discussion thread

    Outside of Maldini, this guy is the definition of my ideal left-back. A complete defender without any significant weakness. He would dominate in any era especially in this era which offensive-contributions are very important from fullbacks. Flawless in both attacking and defending phase(he is...
  12. General discussion thread

    Passarella had played in Menotti’s gung ho 4-3-3 system, which was probably very offensive-minded tactics. Menotti was a very modern technician or you could say he was ahead of his time pressing, very direct and offensive instinct were part of his tactics. He usually used offside-control in his...
  13. Variable Formation Draft

    Gianluca Zambrotta @harms @Physiocrat
  14. Match Compilations

    Marseille is the biggest Milan's Kryptonite during first half of 90s. Honestly Milan always found hard time playing against Marseille. He gave a lot of trouble to my Paolo too.
  15. Erling Haaland | Man City watch

    Yeah, he has a lot of injuries especially in this season but It's hard to tell that when he comes to EPL he will be durable player or injury prone( considering that EPL plays harder than Bundesliga too).