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  1. 'Pep' Guardiola sack watch

    Class is temporary. Form is permanent.
  2. Is there any way any of us can look forward to Saturday, Nov 6?

    I’m looking forward to it. Can’t speak for the rest of y’all.
  3. Pogba and Bruno as midfield pair, 6 and 8

    You write as if any player can be taught any role - to a league winning level of quality. That is not so. A top class forward or no 10 can sometimes adapt to a different kind of role and play it to a world class level, but it is the exception (Scholes) and far from the rule Rooney), and in the...
  4. Pogba and Bruno as midfield pair, 6 and 8

    I very much disagree with this. As I understand Bruno, he is not technically supersound, in stark contrast to Scholes and Kroos. He has the unusual combination of constantly looking for the key hole to the box, never being aftaid to try anything to get it open, and his vision, skill set...
  5. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    I think I saw some stats that he had the highest win percentage of Bayern II since 2000. I can’t think of the source, but it’s not in direct contradiction.with what you say, if he won the fourth league but lost a knock-out qualifier, he might still have higher win percentage than acoach who wins...
  6. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    Do you know why he went from Bayern second team to Utrecht? Best job he could get? I think he became both head coach and sporting director, so it’s not bad I guess. Utrecht is a decent team. From what I gathered he had the best results of any Bayern II head coach this millenium.
  7. Ole Sack Watch - Poll Active

    It’s still stupid as a general expression. Every manager will at some point be sacked or quit. Including all the successful ones.
  8. Ole Sack Watch - Poll Active

    The end of life will come eventually, so it must be done immediately?
  9. Ole Sack Watch - Poll Active

    What a stupid maxim.:lol: Is it a call for suicide?
  10. It's improved tempo that did it!

    I agree with the OP that the tempo of the ball was mych higher for most of the second hal, particularily the firat twenty minutes of it. It was one-touch, two-touch pass and move. Firat half the passing was slow and cumbersome. This along with their high press and out imprecise passes, which...
  11. Isn't it time we moved away from 'the United way'?

    No, mr Wolvored, it’s not time for going for The Wolvo Way, nice try.
  12. Next Newcastle manager

    History is full of reigning champions struggling in the following qualification. It’s a fairly normal reaction to success, and is seldom related to the quality of the coach or relationship with the players. Good managers and coaches find their way through it most times, but it is not unusual...
  13. WSL Cup 21/22 | Durham v United - Thurs 14 Nov at 7pm

    Hope to see some of the younger players getting game time, then. It’s easy to forget how the United women’s rise from the ashes happened on a large part from the foundation of the MU Foundation’s youth football. Players who had been there and came back to the club or who came directly from the...
  14. Would you take Conte at United?

    I was here during the Mourinho era and had these sentiments at that time, hence no revisionism on my part. The difference between Mourinho and Solskjær when it comes to playing styles, ethos and attitude approaching the game are huge, and Conte is closer to Mou. You might not care about that...
  15. Jadon Sancho | 2021/22 Performances

    When I’ve done the same procedure with the kids, they usually rediscover some old toy which make them forget about the want for new ones. It works pretty well when I don’t fancy funding endless plastic production and don’t necessesarily want my kids to have The Best Toys In The World at anyone...